Luxembourg is an exciting country to visit and there are many reasons for this. The countryside is beautiful, the towns and cities are charming and it is extremely rich in history and culture for you to discover during your stay in our Luxembourg accommodation. The country is also widely considered to be one of Europe's main financial centres. We are have outlined a few important things to be aware of during your stay in out Luxembourg accommodation!

Facts about Luxembourg

Name: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Luxembourg: Lëtzebuerg Groussherzogtum)

Population: 503,302 (July 2011 Source: The World Factbook, Central Intelligence Agency)

Currency: €

Climate: temperate coastal climate, and between continental climate.

Area: 2,586 square kilometers

Capital: Luxembourg (2009: 90,000 inhabitants)

Languages: Luxembourgish, German, French

National Day: 23 June (National Day)

Festivals / Holy Days

1st January: Neijoer (New Year)

6th January: Dreaming Day (Three Kings)

Buergbrennen (Large bonfire, which symbolically expels the winter)

Ouschteren (Easter)

Émaischen (2nd Easter Day)

3rd to 5th Sunday after Easter: Muttergottesoktav


Päischten (Pinse)

Iechternacher Sprangpresessioun (Echternach Dance Procession, Tuesday after Pentecost)

May 1st: Workers' Day

23. June: National Feierdaag (National Festival Day)

15. August: Léiffrawëschdag (Maria Himmelfart)

1st November: Allerhellgen (All weekend's evening)

25. Dezember: Chrèchtdag (1st Christmas Day)

26. Dezember: Stiefesdag (2nd Christmas Day)

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