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The region around the Monte Amiata is a dreamlike forested hiking area. Discover this enchanting place by renting villas in Italy and taking long walks amidst the beautiful nature! Situated between the Lake Trasimeno in Umbria and Lake Bolsena, the Monte Amiata with its massive 1738 metres, is the highest mountain in southern Tuscany and a very pleasant destination for villa holidays Italy – especially if you enjoy being in the great outdoors, or if you like particularly active holidays. You can climb the incline, or simply walk around at base level at your own pace – the choice is yours!

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The Monte Amiata is a huge, extinct volcano that dominates the entire landscape, which is a combination of fields, olive groves, vineyards and also chestnut, pine and beech forests. Numerous roads and well-maintained roads lead up to the summit, so you can cycle or drive on your forest holidays. You can make a round trip and go through the pretty little towns like Santa Fiora, Arcidosso and Castel del Piano. Trails with a total length of 28 km in the forest zone invite visitors self-catering Italy to explore the volcanic cone whilst on holiday at villas in Italy.

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The area is bursting with life all year round, but hikes are especially recommended in spring and autumn. In the then prevailing, mild temperatures the woods and fields offer unique colours, whilst if you are self-catering Italy in winter, the peak is long and snowy. In some places you will discover hot springs and geysers and in the nature reserves rare animals such as snake eagles, vultures and wolves can be observed. Also significant is the forest of Rocconi and the chestnut woods of Castel del Piano. Villas in Italy are the perfect base for exploration into Tuscan nature.

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Aside from walking itself and nature spotting, there is plenty to do along the trails. The mountain trails lead past old mines and through medieval villages, which are mainly along the Via Cassia. Whilst hiking during your holidays, a well-preserved fortress can also be visited in Piancastagnaio. Enjoy the rustic life and wildlife and perhaps bring a camera and binoculars with you to record any bird life you find. On the excursion you can also visit the relaxing thermal baths of Bagni San Filippo to relax.

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