Villas in Italy – Sardinian cuisine

In Sardinia, food doesn’t just serve as nourishment for the body, but nourishment for the soul, for the family unit and a reminder of tradition and togetherness. Having said this, you may struggle to keep it together whilst slavering over an Italian spread at your villas in Sardinia with homemade bread infused with rosemary, lobster chowder, ravioli stuffed with pecorino and pastries with walnuts and raisins. Life and cuisine on the island of Sardinia has been influenced by many people: Romans, Greeks, Italians, French, Corsicans. Enjoy a wealth of flavours and pride in traditional cooking whilst you stay at NOVASAOL Sardinia villas.

Holiday homes in Sardinia

Sardinia villas are incomplete without a barbecue

Grill your way to authentic culinary perfection with a varied and well-prepared barbecue feast at your holiday villas in Italy. Beware though – a Sardinian barbecue has some very specific instructions. Perhaps attempt ‘Carne a carraxiu’, where pork, lamb or veal is slow-cooked in a hole, covered with myrtle leaves under logs. Suckling pigs are roasted as ‘Porceddu’ on the charcoal grill. Steaks from Sardinian cattle are very expensive, but a treat worth splashing out on whilst you rent villas in Sardinia! Fill up on delicious roasted meat and then relax on the deck chairs, by the pool or at one of our cottages with hot tubs.

Holiday villas in Italy – Food and wine

The best way to accompany these specialties is with a fine Saridnian wine. Enjoy the high, fruity notes of Vermentino di Sardegna. This dry, golden-yellow wine is very aromatic and has a dazzling bouquet. Unwind and enjoy with your homemade feast at your Italian country cottages. The famous Cannonau from the Grenache grape is developed not only as a strong red wine, but also as rosé or white wine. So there is plenty of choice whilst you enjoy NOVASOL’s Croatian holiday lettings. If you are brave enough, try some local myrtle liqueur to round off the meal!

Holiday homes in Sardinia

Fishing holidays in Sardinia

Whether you prefer fish at the end of your hook or on your fork, the abundance of marine life makes a wonderful activity in terms of sport and eating! The Sardinian cuisine is influenced by the variety of spices and herbs, the simplicity of the preparation and of the freshness of the ingredients. Enjoy Alghero lobsters, Carloforte tuna and smoked mullet roe served marinated in olive oil or grated on freshly made spaghetti. Make sure your Italian country cottages are fully stocked by locally grown fruit and veg, Carasau bread, regional cheeses and special Sardinian pasta.