Gargano I Villas in Italy

Villas in Italy on the Gargano Peninsula

To the east of the province of Foggia is the Gargano Promontory, located on a peninsula. The landscape here is dominated by karst, lush vegetation and crystal clear water - great for Italy villas. Flora and fauna are protected in the Gargano National Park. In Umbra Forest thrive, amongst other types of flowers, 60 per cent of all European orchid species. This lovely environment is also home to the roe deer of Gargano, which may be one of the saving graces for this near extinct species. Be sure not to miss out when you visit Gargano, by visiting this marvellous resource near your holiday villas in Italy.

Cultural trip with villas or apartments in Italy

If you are interested in culture, the church built for the monk Padre Pio in San Giovanni is highly recommended to visit from your local cottages with hot tubs. Today, this is a place of pilgrimage, whilst the pilgrimage Monte Sant Angelo on the southern slopes of Gardano is under the protection of UNESCO. At Michaelis grotto, the legend says that the Archangel Michael appeared to the shepherds not far from Monte Sant'Angelo. Today, the Michaelis-sanctuary is the oldest in Europe and tells a beautiful story whilst renting Italy villas. There is plenty of culture in the rest of Southern Italy, too. Meaning you can explore everything from ancient villas in Sicily to castles and churches in Naples.

Visit the Tremiti islands from your holiday villas in Italy

Twelve miles north of the Gargano Peninsula, is the three-square-kilometre archipelago of picturesque Tremiti Islands. According to legend, the companion of Odysseus, Diomedes, was stranded here. The island of San Nicola offers numerous historically valuable buildings and San Domino has the only sandy beach in the archipelago, offering lively seaside tourism. The uninhabited islands of Capaia and Pianosa are part of a non-accessible nature reserve, which you can admire during a boat trip. The Tremiti Islands are a diver's paradise with curious caves and gorges, as well as shipwrecks from ancient times. With island accommodation to rival even Sardinia villas, direct holiday homes near the Tremeti islands are perfect for you!

Active apartments in Italy - Gargano

The natural borders of Foggia are rivers, mountains and the sea, making this ideal for active holidays. Inland, is the extraordinary landscape of the largest plane in southern Italy, Tavoliere, whilst to the west of it rise the majestic mountains of the Monti della Daunia. They offer many activities for family enjoying themselves in Puglia. The region holds many opportunities for active tourists. Here you can go hiking, cycling, surfing, sailing and diving. Fishing holidays are even possible whilst in Gargano – there is something for everyone in this region.