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Ancona sits below Monte Conero, serving as the ‘Gate of the East’, the access point to the wider world. The city has had a vital status as a significant port destination since ancient times. Intense commercial activity for centuries financially supported this area, historically making its residents rich and powerful. Today, over 100 thousand inhabitants live in this important economic centre in the old quarter around Guasco hill and the modern coastal area of Marche. Rent your direct holiday homes and villas Italy near the Porto di Ancono and watch commercial vessels, cruise ships and ferries from Greece and Dalmatia go by.

Discover ancient Ancona whilst self-catering Italy

In Ancona there are numerous fascinating buildings, making a stroll through the city a special treat on your villa holidays Italy. The city was founded by the Greeks, who called it ‘Ankon-elbow’ and built in the sheltered bay at a port. Later, the Romans conquered Ancona and Emperor Trajan immediately expanded the port leaving behind traces like the Arch of Trajan, which was built in the year 115. From your unique cottages you can also visit the 1st century Roman amphitheatre, the acropolis and the San Ciriaco Cathedral. You may be able to spot its large, green dome from your villas Italy, but be sure to come and take a closer look.

Festivals and events in Ancona – family holidays abroad

In Ancona, they know how to celebrate. In May, there is a huge fair in honour of St. Judas Cyriacus, which is accompanied by loud and colourful festivities. Whilst self-catering Italy, you can browse the crafts markets, watch street performers and sample local specialties during this time. In the summer, there is also the Jazz Festival, whilst in early September the Festa del Mare takes place. Rent holiday lettings Italy and see hundreds of ships sail off the coast during the sailing regatta ‘del Cornero’ and watch unforgettable parades.

A step back in time with villa holidays Italy

With a high wall, the pentagonal Laemocomium surrounded the city from the 18th century. It served to protect the local soldiers from seafarers’ diseases. Later there was built a military hospital, which was named Lazzaretto, where they could be treated. Don’t miss this site whilst at your holiday homes Italy, or the National Archaeological Museum in Marche. There is plenty to learn about this historically rich place. Ancona is also home to a museum, which encourages you to touch the art. The Museo Tattile Statile Omero is the only of its kind in all of Europe!