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Self-catering and sightseeing

From apartments in Rome, to Tuscan farmhouses, self-catering is a great way to see all the impressive UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy. With the freedom and flexibility to choose where you are located and your own sightseeing routine, you should be able to see everything you would like to see. Enjoy the different functions of the Roman villas! See the inspiration that the ruins continue to bring to many. For example, Villa d 'Este inspired Franz Liszt to compose his piano piece Les jeux d 'eaux à Villa d ' Este. Perhaps you will find your own inspiration there amongst the ancient cypress trees in the Rotonda dei Cipressi. Book your villas or apartments in Italy and find out!

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Discover the Greeks from your Italy villas

At the time of Magna Grecia, some areas on the toe of Italy and in Sicily were colonised by the Greeks. If you are interested in history and culture, then this will be of particular interest whilst you rent one of our Italian villas. Discover these remote 8th century BC traces of Greek civilisation as you rent Italian country cottages! The Magna Grecia consisted of many densely populated cities and independent states, the remains of which are still detectable today. The walls, for example, surrounding some cities hail from this era, whilst pillars and other structures are also telling of Greek civilisation.

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Things to do on your summer holidays

During your stay in our Italian country cottages in Southern Italy, you should also visit the region of Calabria, where the Museo Nazionale della Magna Grecia is located. Here at Piazza De Nava, fascinating Greek artefacts and sculptures of great beauty can tell us more about these people and their lives so many centuries ago. There are the bronzes of Riace, a Pinax of Persephone’s sanctuary at Manella and Korous of Reggio Calabria. Admire the perfection and longevity of these items whilst you stay at holiday homes anywhere in Italy – from our Tuscan villas to our villas in Sicily, there is so much to learn about the ancient times without even getting on a plane to Greece!

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Visit archaeological sites with holiday rentals Italy

In the Gulf of Squillace on an area of 30 hectares of land, archaeological park ‘Roccelletta di Borgia’ is located in Capo Colonna. Discover the exact place where the Greek settlement Skylletion once stood! It is amazing to examine the artefacts and this makes a wonderful day excursion for people of any age whilst you rent our direct holiday homes. Excavations show a Roman building complex, but also bring ceramics from the 6th 4th century BC to light. Visit the Roman Forum, the Caesareum, a temple, the amphitheatre and other Roman buildings from your cottages with hot tubs. And why not find out more about other things to do in Italy!

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Visit Castella – Villas Italy

The peculiarity of Castella is its location, built in the year 204 BC on a small island. The settlement is connected with the coast by a small promontory. Visit this romantic and historically important place! In ancient times, Castella was not the only castle of the area, which we can take from the name, which implies several fortresses. Ten kilometres south of Crotone, the promontory that overlooks the Ionian coast of Capo Colonna, was the Greek territory Lakinion Akron, one of the most sacred sites of Magna Graecia with the remains of the Sanctuary of Hera Lacinia. Be amazed when staying in our Italian holiday homes over the former Greek temple with what were 48 metre high pillars, the roof made of marble slabs and marble tiles. Feel free to look up some of our customer reviews before booking your cottage, villa or apartment!

Local activities – Holiday lettings Italy

Depending on which region you prefer for your villas with pools or cottages with hot tubs, there will be different events and activities available for each time of the year. Perhaps you will rent an Italian cottage close to the sea, making swimming a great activity, or a holiday home in the mountains, where hiking is popular. Why not rent one of our properties and experience the magnificent awakening nature in the mountains and valleys, colourful flowers, pure air and beautiful beaches? Delight in local culture and taste the local cuisine whilst you enjoy your holiday.

Discover the Etruscans with Italian villa holidays

Many names of regions and municipalities, festivals and events in central Italy, involve the name of the Etruscans. But who were they? And why are they so important? Familiarise yourself with villa holidays Italy and follow in the footsteps of these fascinating people! Archaeological excavations can be found both along the coast in Tuscany and Lazio as well as the Central Italy. For example, in the municipality of Montalto di Castro, the Etruscan city of Vulci was excavated. Although here there are scarcely any buildings, many of the streets and the plan of the city remains the same. Archaeological sites and UNESCO declared historical sites are a must for those renting villas in Umbria or Perugia.

Learn Etruscan history from your country cottages

The Etruscans, or as they called themselves Rasenna, appeared at about 1000 BC in Central Italy and founded cities like Volterra, Cuisi, Perugia and Orvieto. Visit these beautiful places whilst you rent holiday villas in Italy! Where they came from is still a contested matter; however it is agreed that their rich culture has been present and influential since that time. Discover –whilst renting Umbria villas, for example, the high skill of this people! Special black ceramics from the 5th or 4th century BC have been collected from Etruscan workshops, displaying unique production methods. When you visit the museums during your stay, you can compare the samples together.

A voyage of discovery

The Etruscans left behind a legacy of vast knowledge, craftsmanship and also a lot of uncertainties. Learn more about these people and where they may have come from when you rent holiday villas in Italy. Although the Etruscans did have a form of writing and inscribing, the language remains to this day just partly understood. Everywhere in Central Italy you encounter interesting remains of the Etruscans. Discover this during a holiday at one of our unique cottages in Italy. The different regions within central Italy are ideal for a holiday in cottages with hot tubs or pools, apartments or villas!

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