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Italy has a long Mediterranean coastline and has left a powerful impact on the Western culture and cuisine. Rome is the capital of Italy, which is also home to the Vatican and has plenty of landmarks and ancient ruins. Other major cities in this country are Florence, Milan and Venice. Each city has its own charm. Florence has retained its Renaissance treasures such as Michelangelo’s David, and his home to its leather and paper artisans. Milan is the fashion capital of Italy that has a major influence on the world. Venice is a beautiful sinking city of canals. The population of Italy is 57.5 millions and its size is 301,277 square km. Being a European country, the currency is Euro similar to most countries on this continent. Credit cards, Euros, cheques, and travellers cheques are accepted everywhere. You have the liberty of withdrawing money out of cash machines using your Euro-cards, Cirrus, Plus, Maestro, Visa and Master Card. NOVASOL villas in Italy offer great value for money as all our villas are meticulously designed keeping in mind your needs and tastes.

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The languages spoken in Italy are Italian, German and French. There is a German influence in South Tyrol and French influence in the Aosta Valley and in Slovenian Friaul, which is why these languages are popular here. Italy uses a 220 volt/AC system. However, the Italian plugs can be different from those used in other countries of Europe. So it is best to check in advance before bringing an adaptor plug. When you book any of our self-catering Italy holiday homes, we are sure of answering all your questions. You can call our friendly consultants who will be happy to help you. Our villas in Italy can be browsed online on our websites, where you can get most of the information about the kind of accommodations we offer.

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All our villas in Italy are well-equipped with all basic and modern amenities. Italy experiences warm summers and very cold winters. The winters can be harsh in the northern and central parts of Italy. All our villas in Italy are well heated so that you can brave the cold easily. The best time to visit this beautiful country is during the summer and the spring season. There are different kinds of flowers that blossom during this time, making the place ever more beautiful. Our villas in Tuscany, Sardinia, Sicily and our other regions have a well-kept garden from where you can catch some breathtaking views of the region. We assure you that your stay at NOVASOL will be comfortable and relaxing at the same time.

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Once you have decided to spend a holiday in Italy, the next thing is to search for proper villas in Italy. What better than a swimming pool, a garden area with a terrace that offers breathtaking views of the city? At NOVASOL, we know how to craft a perfect holiday and therefore all our Italian holiday homes have all the basic and modern amenities that are surely going to impress you. Driving in Italy is a magical experience. It is definitely not nerve-wrecking as you might feel and do not need any Formula One experience to drive here. Of course, driving in some parts of the country can be tedious at times because of the traffic, but there are roads that are a lot less stressful. All our holiday homes Italy have a separate parking space, so if you plan to have a road trip and drive down all by yourself, you are sure to find sufficient parking space with NOVASOL. If you can't decide which villa to book, why not look up our customer reviews beforehand.

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Italian drivers are fast, skillful and aggressive, keep that in mind when planning your things to do and see. Lane jumping and late braking are some of the common sights seen on the roads every day. People will not slow down for you and will squeeze in wherever there is a gap. Italians are used to this kind of driving. While you drive in Italy, you should watch out for traffic restrictions. There are many centres that do not allow unauthorised traffic, so if you bump into this road by mistake, there is a possibility of getting fined and caught on camera. We urge you that while driving, you should be well aware of the traffic rules. Staying in villas in Italy has become very popular, so you will find tourists from other countries who are licensed to drive in Italy as well. All our holiday homes in Italy are well kept and well maintained. We know what you are looking for, so you are sure to get all the basic and modern amenities in your villa.

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Italy self-catering by NOVASOL can be booked all year round. We have numerous villas and cosy apartments that will suit your budget and also your requirements. Italy is a fun place to be in and if you have a car you are going to enjoy your road trip. Apart from carrying your driving license, we recommend you to keep all your car documents, insurance papers and a safety vest that you are obliged to carry. If you have kids travelling to, it is a good idea to keep some plastic bags handy. Car sickness is a possibility on winding roads, so it is better to be ready with everything beforehand. We wish you a safe drive in Italy during which we are sure you'll discover a lot of the Italian culture.