Art and history in Italy I Holiday rentals Italy

There is a famous English adage ‘All roads lead to Rome’. This is very true for the Italian art and history. After the Etruscans dominated Europe, the Roman Empire was Europe’s centre for art and culture. Rome and Vatican are the two cities that remained to be very important for European art scene. During the Renaissance period, beautiful buildings were built that applauded the greatness and power of Italy. NOVASOL holiday rentals Italy are also built with Italian manner and style. You can marvel at the architecture of not only the buildings but also our Italy villas. While you are in Italy, you should visit the Italian opera, which hosts the famous music. It was invented in the 16th century and the basic idea was to sing plays instead of using dialogues. Italy has classical as well as modern pop stars. They include Eros, Ramazzotti, Zucchero and Gianna Nannini.

Italian Cuisine I Self-catering Italy

Italian culture is infused in the music, food, arts and architecture. We recommend that during your stay in any of our villas in Italy, you should try some of the local delicacies and find out more about things to do prior to going on holiday. Italians generally speak the Romance languages along with Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian and French. The term Romance refers to the Latin phrase ‘Romanica Loqui’, which means to speak in Roman fashion and appeal. The main religion is Roman Catholic and the seat of the Catholic Church is placed in Rome. Family life holds utmost importance in Italian culture. Their idea of family is based on solidarity rather than the western idea of the nuclear family. They have frequent family gatherings and enjoy spending time with all their near and dear ones. Children are often close to the family even when they reach adulthood and love to incorporate their future family into a larger network. NOVASOL self-catering Italy offers ideal holiday homes that suits people of all age groups. We accommodate from three to thirty people, so the more the merrier.

Visit some museums I Holiday lettings Italy

Many prominent personalities who are well-known across the world are from Italy. Apart from the great Roman emperors and writers such as Julius Caesar and Cicero, many other famous Italians went down the history line. Some examples are Michelangelo, Botticelli, Titian and Raphael for their brilliant architecture of the Italian Renaissance; Galileo Galilee – the mathematician and physicist who discovered that the Sun revolves around the Earth also lived in Italy. It is extremely interesting to visit the museums dedicated to these reverend artists. NOVASOL holiday lettings in Tuscany will give you the perfect feel of the Roman era. Staying in our properties will help you to witness the olden days perfectly.

Rent your villas in Italy during Ferragosto

Ferragosto and the Feast of the Assumption are both celebrated annually on August 15th in Italy as one of the most important holidays in the calendar and it's also a good time to think about self-catering Italy. Colourful and vibrant processions parade through the streets, whilst fireworks light up the sky. Ferragosto dates back to the Roman times, when the God called Vortumno and the Goddess Diana were thanked for a bountiful harvest and a good yield of crops. Now this coincides with the religious Feast of the Assumption, which marks the Virgin Mary’s ascension into heaven. The festivals are now almost interchangeable, creating an incredible summer atmophere not to be missed whilst you rent our Italian country cottages.

Ferragosto feasting on your Italian villa holidays

The flavour of Ferragosto has a distinctly Roman feel, with dishes involving roasted meat, wheat and spelt being quite common. You must try roasted pigeon or chicken with a pepper sauce when renting Italian villas during Ferragosto, which can be found virtually anywhere at this time. Whether you stay in our villas in Sicily or our holiday lettings in Tuscany, Ferragosto is celebrated all over the country. If this is too heavy for a balmy summer climate, have some fresh fruit or vegetables, which are also popular. Watermelon in particular is traditionally eaten to ward off the heat, so make sure to sample some of this local produce during your stay. You may even be able to recreate some of these dishes at your Italian holiday villas! Although this is a religious festival, it has also been subsumed into the culture of Italy and anyone is welcome to join in with the festivities. In Sicily and Rome, you may find a bowing procession and in most places a statue of the Virgin Mary is carried through the town in a ceremonious parade to meet with someone holding a statue of Jesus. They meet and then return to the church for a special mass. You will also see fairs, competitions, sailing regattas, performances and smaller folk festivals celebrating this important day in various locations, so book your holiday rentals Italy over August 15th as soon as you can.

Self-catering Italy around Pentecost

Spring is a lovely time for family holiday abroad with your family, partner, friends and even your pets! Italy is well-renowned for its Easter celebrations, where there are special religious celebrations, family feasts and various events around the country, which is a perfect opportunity to stay in our villas, like in our villas in Sicily. Pentecost Sunday is the 49th day after Easter Sunday and always falls in the period between 10th May and 13th June. It is often customary in Italy to drop rose petals from the ceiling or rafters of the church on Pentecost to commemorate the Bible story of the Holy Spirit manifesting itself in flames. You may see people wearing red, and priests donning red vestments if you attend a Mass around this time. Even if you are not religious, there is plenty to enjoy whilst your stay at our Italian holiday homes during this special time over spring and feel free to look up our customer reviews beforehand. On the Isola del Garda, the largest island in Lake Garda, there is an outdoor concert in Bardolino Opera Festival.

Holiday lettings Italy for nature lovers

If you are a lover of both nature and culture, then come to Italy during Whitsuntide, when the weather is temperate and flowers are in bloom. You may even enjoy renting our Italian villas whilst bringing your favourite four-legged-friend along to enjoy the festivities. In Circeo National Park, just one hundred kilometres south of Rome takes place at Pentecost the feast of Santa Maria della Sorresca. This involves a beautiful procession with the statue of Our Lady of the Church of San Felice Martire of Sabaudia right to the shores of Lake Paola. Pentecost is generally celebrated over two days,< however the Monday is not a Bank Holiday (only currently in South Tyrol) so you can enjoy local shopping, restaurants and other facilities during your stay in our holiday rentals Italy.

The epitome of summer holidays – Italian villas

Enjoy the sunshine, the warm climate and all the celebrations happening around you. This is the perfect time for cheap holidays at holiday villas in Italy, and even the Italians know this. It is traditional at this time of festivity for the locals to take a holiday themselves, often choosing popular seaside areas or having a break in the countryside. This is a public holiday, so you may find that the authorities etc. may close their doors, but the countless beaches, parties and celebrations are open the whole time, which can easily be accessed from our holiday rentals Italy!