Enjoy culinary delights in Italian country cottages

The Italian cuisine is widely considered to be one of the best cuisines in the world, having influenced other types of cooking globally for centuries. Also thought to be one of the healthiest diets, the typically Mediterranean use of olive oil, roasted vegetables, grilled meat and fresh fish is not only delicious but good for you. Having said this, the Italian cuisine is also laden with indulgent recipes, featuring tasty cheeses, ice cream, warming pizza and homemade pasta. If you remain unconvinced, simply book Italy villas anywhere in Italy and visit an authentic restaurant or a market, where you can purchase fresh ingredients to prepare in your holiday lettings in Italy.

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Simple and fresh – Italy villas

The Dolce Vita is no empty phrase in Italy, but a quality of life that transcends local culture, including what people eat and how they prepare it. The secret? Fresh ingredients grown directly from healthy soil, sourced from the sea and created without complication, using traditional methods, herbs and spices. A fantastic example is the pizza in Naples, which is often a small, well-leavened flatbread with home-made tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil. These ingredients absolutely sing and there is little distraction from the impact of home-grown tomatoes, locally produced cheese and dough to rival any you have ever tasted! Pizza lovers – look no further and rent holiday lettings in Italy. When you have worked up an appetite, taste truffles in Turin and visit the home of risotto in Milan. Try tagliatelle with fresh pesto, eat spaghetti bolognese in Bologna or wash down your Tuscan steak with Chianti, whilst Umbria will treat you to Orvieto wine and Perugian chocolates.

Share a typical Italian meal

Perhaps you will begin the day at your Italian holiday homes with a Spartan breakfast of hot coffee and freshly baked Sicilian bun or sugary pastry. Look forward to visiting a nearby restaurant trattoria or grill for lunch. Many of our Italy villas are equipped with a barbecue, so all you need to do is source some meat! Dinner can be an epic feast and can continue until midnight. Begin with antipasta like bruschetta with fresh tomato and garlic topping, grilled vegetables or a prawn cocktail. Proceed to eat the primo course, which is a small portion of homemade pasta, warming gnocchi, flavourful risotto, a stew or soup. The secondo course is usually a fish or meat dish, whereas the dessert could be a cheese platter, fresh fruit, tiramisu, panna cotta, zabaglione or gelato!

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Home cooking to Michelin Stars

There is such a pride and sense of local tradition all across Italy when it comes to cuisine, that you will find this everywhere from neighbouring homes villages surrounding your Italian holiday lettings, all the way to Michelin Star restaurants – hundreds of which you can find in the country. The ambitious Italian gastronomy is highly decorated and thee will be something to suit any budget on your beach or forest holidays in Italy. Most internationally acclaimed restaurants can be found in Lombardy, in Piedmont and Campania. Or equally enjoy the simplicity of village-style cooking with traditional ingredients like fresh fish from Trabucco, olive oil from endless olive groves and regional cheese specialties from local cattle. If you are familiar already with the South, why not try a new location, like Venice apartments or self-catering in Lake Garda?

Self-catering food holidays in Tuscany

Each region in this country is known to produce its own products, which are processed into regional specialities. NOVASOL's villas in Tuscany offer a perfect blend of luxury and comfort at the most competitive rates, whilst also providing the ultimate base to enjoy specialties such as bean soup, wild boar stew, chestnut cakes and, of course, olive oil. From our villas you can catch the spectacular beauty of the peninsula, which is inspiring in all seasons. Our self-catering villas in Italy give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the traditions and rhythms of the places that has made Italy famous all over the world. Try to visit local farmshops and villages where people make Tuscan food in the typical way, passed down through centuries and reproduce their recipes at your Italian holiday homes.

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Eating on Italian islands

Sicily and Sardinia have become two of the most sought-after destinations for those visiting Italy. It is not just the access to astounding beaches, unique culture to the mainland, range of activities and gripping history, but the world of culinary discovery that makes these islands so appealing. Add an extra element of adventure to your rental holiday and delve into the Italian island palette. Rent a villa in Sicily and dine on delicious aubergine stew, chickpea fritters, cream-filled cannoli and fried risotto balls. Not to mention the fresh and vibrant flavours of Sicilian lemons and oranges that make them so prevalent on the Italian menu. Alternatively try self-catering in Sardinia, where suckling pig, lamb stew, tomato-poached eggs with flatbreads and flavourful fish stews can be found.

Discover Italian wine from your villa

Italian wine is some of the most lauded in the history of viticulture, so it would be a shame not to learn more about it during your holidays. Couple your heaving bowl of spaghetti or roast pork with a glass of Chianti or pair your seafood with a Vermentino wine. Barolo is a famous type of wine found in the north whereas the Vernaccia of San Gimignano is found in Tuscany. Perhaps rent a villa in Venice or the surrounding wine-growing regions of Veneto, which, although not as large as some, is the region producing the most wine in Italy - including the well-known Prosecco! Abruzzo, Marche, Piedmont, Lombardy and Sicily are also big wine-growers, whilst Tuscany is probably the best known. Just rent a villa in Tuscany to wake up to rolling vineyards, which you are welcome to explore.

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Making sweet memories on your Italian holiday

Italian desserts are well-renowned worldwide - who hasn't tried gelato, tiramisu or panna cotta? Spend your days enjoying active pursuits like hiking, swimming and sightseeing around Italy's famous cities and natural landscapes and then be sure to make up for it by indulging in rich and sweet desserts that often follow an Italian meal. Depending on when you rent your villa in Italy, you will also see seasonal specialties that come and go to celebrate a particular festival or period in the Italian cultural calendar. No Christimas here would be truly complete without a pannettone bread pudding studded with raisins, whilst Easter brings cookies drizzled in colourful icing - a sure fire family favourite. Regardless of season, the terrace of your holiday villa invites you to enjoy an after dinner coffee with some chocolate or fruit.


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This is the ideal choice for those who want to relax and enjoy the many faces of Italian culture and cuisine with their loved ones. Whilst on a self-catering holiday with NOVASOL, we offer you complete freedom. In some of our holiday homes in Italy, you can order special additional services such as a chef for a special evening, maid service, a baby sitter and more. You are left completely in charge of your own schedule and with the support of our local offices on hand whenever you need recommendations, advice or assitance. Whether you visit the hills of Tuscany, the Umbrian countryside, Rome or Veneto, be sure to rent with NOVASOL and find yourself a combination of nature, culture and good food whilst on your family holiday in Italy. Why not subscribe to our weekly email newsletter here to start your journey!