Italian villas near Apulia’s famous lighthouses

The Cape Otranto province of Lecce marks the easternmost point of Italy. Visit the Cape whilst renting charming villas Italy in Apulia! The recently renovated lighthouse is one of the five lighthouses protected by the European Commission in the Mediterranean. The lighthouse is a particularly popular attraction with tourists, and you will see why whilst self-catering Italy! Artists, photographers and even those on family holidays simply love to capture the image of this striking tower, cutting a contrasting shape against the beautiful blue sea - a must when you stay in holiday rentals Italy!

Special dates to visit Cape Otranto

The Cape Otranto lighthouse offers spectacular views of the sea every day, but keep in mind some special days to visit when you are booking your holiday rentals Italy. Consider renting one of NOVASOL’s unique holiday cottages and villas in Italy in the area around New Year’s Eve, when many visitors gather at the lighthouse to bring in the New Year. This is the point where the New Year can first be seen in Italy. This lighthouse is also host to the Centre of Environment and Health for Mediterranean ecosystems and a multimedia museum of the sea, so keep an eye on events and opening times during your stay in our Italy holiday accommodation.

Self-catering Italy near Park Costa Ortanto

With over fifty kilometres of coastline and 3200 hectares of land, the National Park Costa Otranto is the largest of its kind in the province of Lecce. The National Park is part of a network of protected areas in Salento, a strip of land that extends from the Torre del Serpe to the coastal town of Santa Maria di Leuca. The Torre del Serpe is a highly watchable, mystical tower with a snake from the Roman period and forms at Otranta the gateway to the National Park. For more Roman remains, book villas in Tuscany or holiday homes in Rome.

Villas with pools near Santa Maria di Leuca

Whilst driving to bays and gorges along the ancient, winding road, become enchanted as you are led through breath-taking scenery with rich flora and fauna to the south-eastern tip of Italy. Here you will find the slender lighthouse of Leuca. Enjoy these wonderfully great landscapes to rival even those overlooked by Tuscany apartments! The coastal town of Santa Maria di Leuca is Finibus Terrae - at the end of the world: Over the cliff, the view is of another continent. Santa Maria di Leuca has been inhabited since the 13th century BC, as is proved by excavations near the lighthouse.