Self-catering holidays in Greece with NOVASOL

Discover a one of a kind history when you choose a self-catering villa in Greece. Greece boasts one of the most fascinating histories in Europe - and that fascinating history has left a strong legacy that is still clear when you spend your next self-catering holiday in Southern Europe in one of NOVASOL's holiday villas in Greece. Greek myths and legends will come to life on a holiday in Greece; pay a visit to some of the many historical monuments and sites of this captivating countries and let their awesome power capture your imagination, or why not wander through the ancient forests of Cypress trees and simply imagine the philosophers of old gathering together in the shade of these trees to discuss the big questions of life. A stay in one of our delightful holiday homes in Greece is surely the perfect option for history enthusiasts and those with an active imagination alike.

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Reveal Ancient Greek history during your stay in a Greek holiday home

Choose to stay in one of our 300 holiday homes in Greece and uncover this incredible time in not only Greek history, but the history of Europe as a whole. The civilization of Ancient Greece dominated much of the Mediterranean for many years in ancient times. In fact, when under the rule of Alexander the Great, they were the most powerful and advanced civilization in the world and controlled huge areas of Europe and Western Asia. This amazing civilization was around long before the Romans and influenced countless aspects of the modern Western culture and of course the Greek culture which we see today.

Ancient Greek History - holiday homes in Greece

The ancient Greeks are responsible for many of humankinds' first efforts when it comes to history. The country is the birthplace of the so-called 'Father of History', Herodotus. It is also the origin of the world's earliest Mathematical theorems and was home to the first Western philosophers, who paved the way for all modern philosophical thought. If you wish to immerse yourself in intellectual, philosophical and historical treasures; then a self-catering holiday in Greece must be for you - and what's more is you can experience all of this whilst enjoying the fantasitc Greek food surrounded by spectacular scenery and bathed in sunshine.

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Myths and legends - Greek history and mythology

Discover the land of Myths and Legends whilst relaxing in your self-catering holiday home in Greece. Of course, Greece is famous as being the land that gave us Greek Mythology. These complex tales of gods and goddesses, heaven and earth and how we all came to be are truly enthralling. If Greek mythology is new to you, then a self-catering holiday in Greece is the perfect time to immerse yourself in this important part of Greek history and culture. Historically, Ancient Greek Mythology was more than just stories; it was actually part of the religion in ancient Greece and many people believed it to be the one true explanation as to how the world began. Mythology was also the inspiration behind the building of many of the most famous historical monuments in Greece.

Historical monuments to visit during your stay in our villas in Greece

There are so many wonderful historical sights to see whilst self-catering in Greece, it would be hard to list them all. Among the most special must be the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Dating from the 6th century B.C. this astonishing monument was built to honour the Olympian God of Lightning. Although only a few of the pillars remain, it is still gigantic in size and a great experience if staying in a NOVASOL Greek holiday villa nearby. The Pantheon at the Acropolis remains one of the most popular monuments to visit whilst self-catering Greece - and for good reason. No stay in our Athens apartments without a visit here. Construction of this marvellous monument began in 447 B.C. and it took around 15 years to complete; it is surely one of the most breath-taking historical sites in Greece.