The island of white marble

Paros is an island located in the central part of the Cycladic archipelago. Surrounded by the blue waters of the Aegean Sea, it is characterized by a flat rim and quite high hills in the central part of the island. Paros used to be famous for its white marble, which was distributed throughout ancient Greece and Rome. Today, marble is also mined here, but only for local purposes, and numerous closed quarries and mines are one of the main tourist attractions. By booking a holiday home in the Cyclades, you will have a great opportunity to learn about the history and geography of the island of Paros and its other attractions, of which below.



Spending holidays in Greece, it is a sin not to take advantage of what the Greek islands are known for - beaches. The beaches here are sandy and pebble. Beaches on Paros are great for families with children, because the drop of the bottom here is very mild, and the bottom most often is devoid of stones and rocks. After all, it's good to wear protective shoes before you go to avoid an unnecessary injury. In addition, the coast is well equipped with tourist infrastructure, which greatly facilitates rest. Spending a holiday on the Greek islands, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of beaches such as:

Golden beach - a long, sandy beach. In this place, the sand contains glass dust, which causes the effect of glittering in the sun. Tourists are also attracted by a shallow entrance to the water and amazing views. From the beach you can see the uninhabited island of Drionisi, which can be reached by boat. There are also great conditions for water sports.

Naousa coast - a few small sandy-pebble beaches, separated by rocks. The whole creates a beautiful view. The water has a turquoise hue here, and the presence of rocks and stones favors the observation of fish and the Aegean Sea

Parasporos - a long and wide sandy beach, located in the south of the island. The beach is famous for the summer music events that take place here from morning to night.

Kolymbithres - the most popular beach on Paros. You can admire the cluster of granite rocks that are several million years old.


Interesting Towns


Holidays in Greece are a holiday away from the big metropolises and huge and noisy seaside resorts. This does not mean, however, that the local towns have nothing to offer. On the contrary, in addition to being traditional buildings, they offer numerous attractions and places of interest. They spend their holidays here, visit cities such as:

Parikia - the capital of the island, famous for its nightlife and the Byzantine church of Panagia, called the "hundred-door church". During the visit, it is also worth paying attention to the Venetian port windmill and the Venetian Castle, towering above the village.

Naousa - the perfect village for a walk along the narrow streets leading between the white houses.

Dragoulas, Marmara and Tsipidos - known as the "Kephalos villages", they owe their name to the hill where the foothills are located. The villages have antique buildings, and on the top of the hill you can admire the ruins of the monastery of St. Antoni.

Lefkes - a village built of white marble, hidden between hills.



Fascinating towns and villages


A holiday on the Greek islands is a great opportunity to get to know several locations during one trip. While resting on Paros you have the opportunity to visit the sister island of Antiparos. It is located only 2 kilometers from Paros and there is a ferry connection available. Antiparos is famous for its numerous remains from the Neolithic and Byzantine rule. Paros is also close to Naxos, just 8 km away. In the space dividing both islands, there are great conditions for water sports.

While relaxing on Paros, it is worth taking a cruise on the surrounding islands. Just ask in the local port, and you will be amazed by the vast offer of incredible adventures on the water.