Rent a house in Mykonos

Discover the popular Greek island

Just north of the well-known holiday island of Naxos lies the same well-known island of Mykonos, visited by thousands of tourists annually. For many, the resorts of the Greek islands are more iconic of Greece than the cities on the mainland, and the villages of Mykonos are no exception. Take the chance to discover the island's charm by renting houses on Mykonos!

Cities and villages

The biggest villages are the town of Mykonos and Ano Mera, and you will find the characteristic little alleys, the whitewashed houses at the waterfront with blue doors and windows, as you will probably see in several tourist guides about Greece. When you live in a holiday home in Mykonos you are never far into adventure and experiences, but you rarely see any traces from the real Greece. Instead, you have a very rich entertainment, great shopping in luxury shops and of course the beautiful beaches and the beautiful climate.

Popular holiday destination

By renting houses on Mykonos you can explore the many beautiful beaches on your own and swim, sunbathe and try out all the water sports. Windsurfers from all over the world come to the island for the amazing coves and nice wind conditions. Mykonos has evolved into a prominent tourist destination in the late 1900s, and most of the island's approximately 10000 inhabited residents are engaged in tourism. No wonder, when the island is visited by around a million tourists annually. In addition to tourism, despite the rather rugged landscape of the island, there is also a certain amount of agriculture, including olive trees. Many also add their yachts to the port outside of Mykonos city and the island is also one of the popular stops for the cruise ships.

Mykonos has an international airport, as well as ferries from both Piraeus and Rafina on the mainland. Among NOVASOL's holiday homes in Mykonos you will also find something that suits us, we are sure. Among all our holiday homes in Greece you will find both modern villas with all the comforts and simpler houses, but also apartments and in addition, you can easily search and book directly on the website.

Experience Mykonos with one holiday home

Take the chance to rent houses in Mykonos and experience ancient Delos located just outside the coast of the island, and despite its small size, it has been of great importance throughout the Greek antiquity. At the museum in Mykonos city you can also see some of the many items found in the area, and even those interested in history can enjoy the stay in a holiday home in Mykonos.