Visit a beautiful Aegean Island

The stunning Aegean Sea on the east coast of Greece and the many beautiful islands here is a holiday paradise of all ages and offers a wealth of attractions and opportunities - including Lesvos. Many people think you have the chance to experience what is genuine for Greece, the beautiful beaches, the climate and the nice people.

Semestra på Lesbos i Egeiska havet

Bountiful holiday experiences

The nature around our holiday homes on Lesbos is characterized by beautiful, green forests and olive trees that provide world-class olive oil. Beautiful, large coves and stunning beaches break the beautiful countryside and provide unrivaled opportunities for sun and bath, water sports and relaxation. Low prices and relatively few tourists mean that you do not have to worry, in total, it's very good for those who want to rent a house in Lesvos.

You can choose to visit many different sights while staying in a holiday home in Lesbos, why not visit eg the small town of Petra with the famous church and amazing beaches or Eftalou with its hot springs and for those who want to eat and drink well we can recommend renting houses on Lesvos near the town of Anaxos which has many nice tavernas. Did you know that many mean that the best ouzon in Greece is coming from Lesbos?

Although agriculture is the dominant source of income, Lesbos has a thriving capital that is well-suited to tourism, with a nice nightlife and good shopping opportunities. You can easily reach Mytilini from one of our holiday homes on Lesbos east coast but also the west coast and, for that matter, the whole island has a lot to offer.

Rent a home from home in Lesbos

At NOVASOL you can rent simple and comfortable holiday homes on the Greek islands and you can be sure to get high quality as all our houses are checked by our experienced representatives and undergo strict quality assurance. Here on our website you can search among all our houses in Europe and Iceland, according to the map and with our search solution, where you can specify your wishes and see only the houses that suits you best.

Welcome to NOVASOL for renting houses in Greece, a great way to create the foundation for a dream vacation for the whole family. Be sure to enjoy the beautiful exercise by renting a bicycle or hike in the wonderful scenery when you decided to rent a house on Lesbos, it is perhaps the best way to experience the island at your own pace.