Beautiful bays and hidden treasures - a vacation rental in Chalkidik or Northern Greece allows a wonderful holiday for the whole family. The beautiful almost 500 km long coastline surrounds Chalkidiki and here are many wonderful beaches. Almost all the beaches have a blue flag, which is a sign of a quality beach.

In addition to the beaches, there are plenty to see in Chalkidiki and ancient monuments, which many times conquer the city in the middle of beautiful antiquity architecture and sights. Rent a holiday home from Chalkidiki and have a great opportunity to explore the area regardless of the season. Chalkidiki is the place to be a holiday destination for children of all ages.

Vuokraa loma-asunto Chalkidikista

The three fingers of Chalkidiki

Chalkidiki is a peninsula that is like a hand from which three fingers go straight to the Aegean: Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos. All three are different and have their own charm. Take the opportunity to rent out and rent a holiday home from Chalkidiki. The scenic and swim-friendly Kassandra is a small paradise surrounded by sun-drenched beaches, where clean water and many activities attracts holidaymakers. The middle finger of Sithonia is more wild, lively and is ideal for all nature lovers and campers. The third "finger" Athos is a monastery that is difficult to get to know, but you can look at the sights from the boat by following the Athos coast. NOVASOL offers all types of holiday homes and rental villas in Chalkidiki, and you can find holiday homes in mainland Greece and other parts of the country by NOVASOL.

Chalkidiki is a unique and picturesque peninsula with an antique touch to history and its senses. Rent a holiday home in Chalkidiki and make your vacation unique by combining fun, scenic views and incredible memories that will remain for a long time after your holiday. The lush forests that extend down to the shore and the golden sunlight reflected in crystal blue water and the beautiful varied mountain range are things that NOVASOL allows you when you rent a house from Chalkidiki. The mountain bike is an excellent means of access to the area because you can cycle around beautifully surrounded by oak and chestnut trees and feel how clean air fills your lungs.

The Holiday Homes in Chalkidiki is perfect for anyone who wants to feel the Aegean and try out kiting, scuba diving and many other water sports in turquoise and warm water. Every year, swimming and other events are also organized here.

Loma Chalkidikissa

Experience the Greek Peninsula and Chalkidiki

Rent a holiday home from mainland Greece, which is a great way to build the foundation for a successful holiday for the whole family. Through NOVASOL, you will find rental properties in Greece and elsewhere in Europe, whichever you dream about your summer vacation. Search and book a holiday home from Chalkidiki and from all over Europe directly from NOVASOL's web site!