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Experience the rich and vibrant culture of Greece when staying in a NOVASOL villa in Greece. The Greeks are particularly proud of their cultural events and remain faithful towards them. Traditions, religion, music, language, Greek food and wines are the most important characteristics of the Greek culture and should be experienced if visiting the beautiful country of Greece and staying in one of our 300 holiday villas in Greece. Most of the traditions and celebrations, which are still passionately celebrated today, are religious in nature; yet they offer something for everyone to enjoy no matter what your personal beliefs. Why not browse our range of Greek holiday homes today and select your ideal property for your self-catering holiday in the sun.

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Engagement and marriage in Greek Culture - villas in Greece

It is tradition in Greek culture to get engaged before one marries. The man must ask for the hand of the woman he loves from her father. In some regions of Greece where we have our Greek holiday homes the bride receives a dowry from her mother, her grandmother and aunts, which consists of sheets, towels and handmade embroidery. The father of the bride gives a fully furnished house to his daughter and his new son-in-law as wedding gift. Immerse yourself in charming Greek culture and traditions when you choose self-catering with NOVASOL and stay in a beautiful Greek villa on the mainland, Corfu, Crete or various other islands.

Greek Culture - villas in Greece

The Name Day

Celebrate Greek history and tradition during your stay in one of our Greek villas. Most Greek names come from saints. The Name Day is a uniquely Greek tradition and is specifically Greek Orthodox in origin. It revolves around the fact that the most days of the year are dedicated to a particular Christian Saint or Martyr. Any person who shares the same name, or a variation of the name will celebrate on this day. In some sectors of Greek society, the Name Day is more important than a person's birthday! In Greek culture, if you know someone who is celebrating their name day then you would call them and wish them Hronia Polla, which literally means 'many years'. The Greeks are famously hospitable people, many of whom will be glad to share and explain their many traditions and cultural experiences with you during your self-catering holiday in Greece, perhaps you may even be in Greece for your very own Name Day!

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Carnival in Greece - special holidays in Greece

The carnival Apokries is celebrated for three weeks every year, beginning on a Sunday and ending on the carnivals clean Monday (Kathari Deftera) before the start of the 40 day Lenten fast period. Appropriately, the carnival celebrates Dionysus - who just happens to be the Greek God of wine! The Apokries festival is one of the most joyous and vibrant events of the Greek calendar; a feast of dance, wine and food which encourages joviality for young and old alike! Many people dress up in masquerade costumes and enjoy the freedom that comes with anonymity. If spending your self-catering holiday in Greece in the Easter period we would really recommend trying to catch some of these wonderful celebrations, which will hopefully give you an insight into the real Greek culture.

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Easter – villas in Greece

As you will see if staying in one of our Greek villas at Easter time, Easter is more important to the Greeks than Christmas. The women colour Easter eggs red - red being the colour of life and victory and in this context also symbolising the blood of Jesus Christ. It is also traditional for god-parents buy their godchildren new shoes, clothes and a candle. The holiday is in no way like the commercialised version which we may be used to, with chocolate and bunnies being the main event, it is a serious and sacred time which is deeply-rooted into traditional Greek society. It is a time for church, loved-ones - and lots of delicious lamb!

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