Self-catering holidays in Greece with NOVASOL

Enjoy delicious Greek cuisine when self-catering Greece with NOVASOL. When one thinks of spending a self-catering holiday in Greece, we probably think of lovely beaches, with clean sands and crystal clear warm water perfect for swimming and snorkelling; white-washed villas perched on cliff sides and fields dotted with cypress trees. When staying in a NOVASOL holiday home in Greece, you can look forward to all of this as well as a fantastic climate, warm hospitality, an enthralling ancient history and of course the wonderful Greek cuisine which is alive with typically vibrant Mediterranean flavours. The cuisine of Greece offers more than just the well-known favourites of Gyros, Souvlaki and Moussaka; when self-catering Greece you will find that there are literally hundreds of traditional Greek dishes to sample during your holiday - perhaps collecting some recipes to try for yourself after you return home.

Villas in Greece

Typical Greek dishes on offer whilst self-catering Greece

The preparation and eating of food is an important part of the culture of Greece, which you will have the chance to experience. As mentioned, many people will know the old favourites of Moussaka - a rich vegetable based dish made up of aubergines, sometimes with the addition of mince lamb, flavoured with tomatoes, onions and then covered in a type of béchamel and grated cheese - or Souvlaki, the popular Greek 'fast-food'. However, during your stay in one of our holiday villas in Greece you will find a host of beautiful typical dishes waiting for you to discover. Sample of the lesser-known dishes during your affordable holiday in Greece in order to have an authentic taste of the Greek cuisine, culture and lifestyle!

Greek dishes to try while self-catering in Greece

One of the popular dishes which we would suggest trying at some point during your stay in one of our 300 holiday villas in Greece is Spanakopita. Spanakopita is a sort-of savoury spinach pie made up of layers of filo pastry and a creamy, tangy filling of real Greek feta - perfect for lunch or a light dinner, perhaps enjoyed on the terrace of your NOVASOL holiday home in Greece. If you would like something a little more hearty, try an authentic Greek Stifado - a traditional stew of either beef or lamb with a rich tomato sauce containing plenty of lovely Greek red wine.

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Greek cuisine - a wide variety of delightful dishes

Greek food values freshness and generally uses ingredients which can be found in the surrounding area such as olives, lemons, tomatoes and even locally reared lamb or beef. We are confident that you will be delighted by the freshness and authenticity of your meals whilst self-catering Greece with NOVASOL. You will be able to find dishes to suit all occasions, moods and tastes - enjoy a light mezze of dips such as tzatziki, taramasalata with pitta bread and a delicious Greek salad.

Holiday villas in Greece - Greek staples

The humble olive is synonymous with Greece; the olive tree is one of the most abundant in Greece, probably because it grows well in hot and dry climates such as that of Greece. When staying in our holiday villas in Greece you will quickly discover that olives are not just a food item, but are actually an important part of the Greek history and culture. The little pitted fruit has played an important role in many aspects of life in Greece; from being used as a fuel for lamps, to beauty products and pharmaceuticals since ancient times.

Villas in Greece

Self-catering holidays in Greece

Legend has it that the Greek God of wisdom, Athena, gave the city of Athens the olive tree - which has now been cultivated for thousands of years. There are dozens of varieties available and you will find whilst self-catering Greece that olive oil makes an appearance in almost all savoury dishes and that a small bowl of marinated olives is frequently offered in restaurants and bars as a snack. Immerse yourself in the unique Greek food culture when staying in a NOVASOL Greek villa