Astonishing Athens

Nowhere else on Earth will two worlds that are so different meet in one place. The city that was named after the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena. Previously when tourists visited Greece, they avoided Athens, because they thought it would be a noisy and dirty city. However, since the modernisation of the infrastructure for the Olympic Games of 2004, the city has started to show its best sides. This is good news, because there are a lot of things to see and discover in Athens during your stay in one of our holiday villas in Greece.  Buildings such as the Acropolis or the convent of Daphne have long been on UNESCO World Heritage list. Besides the historic sites, Athens is also a modern city, just like other major cities in Europe. It has trendy shopping centres and beautiful cafés, that welcome visitors.

Acropolis in Athens

Whenever you talk about Acropolis, you always mean the Acropolis in Athens. An Acropolis is an impressive fortress in the highest part of the city. The Acropolis in Athens is definitely the most well known. It is the perfect place to visit during your self-catering Greece holiday if you would like to delve into the fascinating Greek history.  The structure watches over the centre Athens from a flat rock of around 150 metres. It is on UNESCO World Heritage list.

Epidaurus - two famous monuments

In Epidaurus, near Athens, there are two famous monuments: a well-known amphitheatre and the Temple of Asclepius.

Directly next to Epidaurus rise the Arahneo mountains. Nestled in the green slopes of the mountain is the theatre of Epidaurus. It is the most famous and the best kept of all ancient theatres, built from limestone in the III century BC. The theatre has a capacity of 14,000 visitors. Beside its beautiful location it is particularly famous for its phenomenal acoustics. Concerts takes place here during the summer, so if you are in search of cultural offerings in Greece during your stay in your chosen Greece holiday homes, then this may just be the place for you!

The second attraction is the Temple of Asclepius, god of medicine. From the VI century BC the temple was a kind of a hospital, where people went through healing rituals. The temple complex is very well kept and its many parts are accessible for tourists, e.g. bedrooms, the guest house and the Temple of Asclepius.

Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus is not a single mountain, which is often believed, but the mountains are also the highest in Greece. They are found on the Peloponnese Peninsula and the highest peak is Mitikas (2.917 metres). It is possible to climb from the peak of Slala (2.866 metres) through the Kakoskala ridge for those of you hoping for something a little active during your self-catering holidays in our Greece holiday homes. The flora and the fauna are very specific, as well as geological formations in the mountains. Since 1938 Mount Olympus has been a natural reserve.

The Channel of Corinth

The Channel of Corinth is a long channel of 6 kilometres linking Corinth Bay with Saron Bay. It was built at the end of the XIX century. The view from the bridge built over the canal is breathtaking. You look at a precipice with steep, smooth sides that goes down 76 metres. We would highly recommend going on an organised boat trip during your stay in one of our villas in Greece.

The most famous shipwreck in Greece

In the cut bay on the Ionian island of Zakynthos lies probably the most famous shipwreck in Greece. You can only get to the bay from the sea. Its rocky sides rise up for 200 metres and make for a truly impressive and beautiful sight.  Why not take a trip to this stunning beach during your stay in one of our holiday villas in Greece? The ship was loaded with smuggled goods and hit by a storm. When the coastguard came to help, the crew panicked and set the ship on fire. From then on the remains of the ship lie on the bottom of the bay.

Embros thermal springs on Kos island

Not far from the city of Kos there are the Embros thermal springs; a natural spring of water with temperatures around 80 degrees, which sets off from the nearby mountains and flow into the sea. If you are staying in Kos, or even just visiting for a short time from your villas on Mainland Greece, then we would suggest not missing out on a day of relaxation and well-being at the springs.  Many guests take baths in the pools made from natural stone in order to relax and harness the water's healing properties. The springs are considered to have medicinal properties in healing rheumatism and joint problems.