Events and attractions in Germany

Welcome to Germany, where a land imbued with culture and activity welcomes you with open arms to discover all the amazing things to do there are right on the doorstep of your holiday homes. Whether you are looking to rent Berlin apartments and to trawl through endless galleries and museums in Germany's capital, or perhaps you want a holiday home in Germany's wonderful nature - NOVASOL has found just the attractions you are looking for. Culture vultures, active adventurers and gastronomic obsessives can all find something to do on a self-catering holiday in Germany, so book today and start planning!

Holiday homes in Germany

Take a city break in Germany

Germany's cities have rich and varied offerings, whilst smaller towns dotted around the country also provide an old-world charm of their own. If you rent an apartment in Berlin, be prepared for an awesome host of attractions where culture is king. Munich, the capital of Bavaria, is also worth a visit with its centuries-old buildings and Oktoberfest celebrations every year. Visit Hamburg for its maritime history, large parks and architectural wonders such as the town hall. Menawhile if you head further north, the old Hanseatic towns of Schwerin, Wismar, Rostock, Greifswald and Stralsund prove that history is still alive. Our holiday homes in Germany can take you from the back streets of Kreuzberg, to the chalk cliffs of Rügen, all dependent on your mood!

Discover Germany's beautiful landscapes

Did you know that more than a third of Germany is covered by forests? You can also find numerous national parks in Germany, which are great for outdoor sports such as walking, hiking or cycling. NOVASOL has over 2,000 apartments, cottages and villas in Germany including Bavaria apartments and Black Forest apartments. Whilst Germany seems to be widely known for its cities like Berlin, Hamburg or Munich, German's unspoilt nature has become more and more popular among tourists. Discover Germany's hidden gems whilst self-catering Germany and why not choose an apartment or cottages close to one of numerous lakes, next to the Sea shore or in the mountains with a beautiful view over the diverse countryside?

Active self-catering holidays in the heart of nature

Germany's over 23 mountain ranges with a height of more than 2,500m each can easily be explored all year-round whilst self-catering holiday in Germany. There are countless hiking opportunities for families, couples and groups of friends, so whether you are looking for rock climbing and trekking in summer or skiing and snowshoeing in winter, Germany has it all! With over 30,000 lakes and rivers, Germany is also an amazing destination for water sport enthusiasts. NOVASOL offers numerous villas in Germany in destinations like Bavaria, the Black Forest, Hesse Mountains, the Hartz region and Saxony and you can choose if you want to stay in an apartment with a panoramic view, in a cottage with sauna and Jacuzzi, in a chateau in the heart of Germany's nature or on a houseboat.

Self-catering Germany

Visit national parks while self-catering Germany

Be inspired by the following list of national parks, which can be found all over Germany. Our self-catering holiday in Germany seem to be especially popular!

  • Black Forest National Park: Explore the wild, dramatic scenery and beautiful views when spending a self-catering holiday in this beautiful regions with deep green pine forests. The black forest is well-known for its cherry gateau "Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte", which is an absolute MUST when staying in our German holiday homes in the northern, central or southern Black Forest region.
  • Berchtesgaden National Park: Enjoy your self-catering holiday in Berchtesgaden, where you can admire green forests, clear lakes and steep mountains. NOVASOL has numerous holiday homes in the Berchtesgarden national park and Bad Reichenhall.
  • Eifel National Park: The Eifel National Park is located south west of Cologne and is great for a family holiday. Discover over 230 endangered plants and animals, like bats or wildcats. NOVASOL offers a wide range of German holiday homes in nearby, e.g. Eifel, Aachen, Bonn and Trier.
  • Hainich National Park: Explore over 40 UNESCO Heritage Sites on one of numerous footpaths from our holiday homes, either directly in Hainich National Park or closeby in Erfurt.
  • Harz Mountains: The beautiful Harz Region is well-known for its dense forests and half-timbered villages. Our holiday homes in Harz, Goslar, Wernigerode, Bad Harzburg and Quedlinburg are a great starting point for daily excursions and hikes.
  • Saxon Switzerland: We are convinced that you will enjoy the rock formations of Saxony. With over 1,000 sandstone peaks, is the perfect destination if you are looking for climbing opportunities. Our holiday homes in this national park are located directly in the Saxon Switzerland as well as in Dresden or Bad Schandau.
  • Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: Why not discover up to three national parks in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which is known for its lakes, dunes and stone cliffs. Our range of properties include locations like Vorpommern Lagoon Area National Park, Jasmund National Park and Mueritz National Park.
  • Wadden Sea: This protected are offers wide landscapes, sandy beaches and wildlife. Wadden Sea can easily be discovered from our German holiday homes in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein/North Sea Coast, Lower Saxony/North Sea Coast, Bremen and Cuxhaven.

Discover German cuisine on your holidays

German food is packed with scrumptious traditional recipes, diverse fusion and marvellous pride in food as part of German culture. So much more than bratwurst and potatoes - although both these things feature heavily on the German menu - meals are full of exciting things to try whilst renting a holiday letting in Germany. Meat lovers may enjoy travelling to Bavaria, where traditional beer halls serve pork knuckle and schnitzel alongside local beer, whilst those looking for a modern take on German cuisine might head to Berlin, where a host of international influences pepper the offerings. Christmas markets are a great place to sample traditional treats like mulled wine and gingerbread as well as shopping for souvenirs. Meanwhile German harbours are a great place to buy fresh fish, and cheese factories around the country will show you how cheese is made!

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Service - Why NOVASOL?

NOVASOL is rather unique in offering customer service that continues into your holiday with local offices on hand to answer queries and to locally inspect each and every one of our holiday homes. Having built a huge portfolio of holiday homes in 29 different European countries, there is a wealth of holiday homes to select from in our range of cottages, villas and apartments in Germany. We are dedicated to finding the right accommodation for you - whether you are a family looking for a summer holidays destination, a couple seeking a romantic break or a lone adventure keen to explore German culture. Order our free brochure from our homepage today, call or send an email and one of our customer service agents would be delighted to help you book.