NOVASOL Self-catering France I Wine and vineyards

Normandy is one of the oldest and most prestigious wine regions in France, meaning a holiday here presents many opportunities to sample and learn more about regional products. Self-catering in France allows you to enjoy local wines and food in the private comfort of your own holiday home with as many or as few guests as you like. Historians agree on the fact that the vine was cultivated since ancient times in Normandy. However, production ceased in the late nineteenth century due to a micro-climate change, leaving one remaining vineyard. Despite conditions in Upper Normandy being unfavourable for vineyards, this sole entrepreneur has won several awards for the quality of wine produced here.

A voyage of wine discovery and villas in Normandy

To taste a wine made in the respect for local tradition, venture from your villas in Normandy towards the small town of Grisy and Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives, where a passionate winemaker decided to revive a vineyard planted in the Middle Ages. This terroir, appointed ‘Arpents du Soleil’, produces a white wine very light tartness. ‘Arpents du Soleil’ translates literally into ‘acres of sun’. If you are passionate about the history of wine, you will be glad to know it is possible to book a guided tour of the vineyard during the summer months. This is particularly interesting because it is the only remaining vineyard in activity in Normandy. Here you can learn about the unique production process and balance of nature which minimilises the use of pesticides on the vines. Enjoy sampling the produce here, or take a bottle back to your holiday homes Normandy.

Self-catering in France and vineyard alternatives

For those who are interested in wine in Normandy, but are also curious to learn more about the production of other regional alcohol, it is possible to visit the Lion Heart distillery. Here they make cider, pommel and Calvados. Booking holiday apartments or holiday homes Normandy is a wonderful opportunity to participate in tastings, to learn more about agriculture, and also to become an expert on the production of wines and spirits. It is also an opportunity to discover the gastronomy of Normandy. It is recommended that you drink the wine from a large glass, which encourages the flavour to develop as the wine aerates. Remember whilst self-catering France that white wine pairs well with seafood, and Normandy is the leading region in France for cupped oyster and scallop fishing. Bon appetit!