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Normandy is an incredibly fascinating area with a rich and unique past that many become enchanted by. From traces of the Roman era, to monasteries, castles and tales of famous figures like Joan of Arc and Richard the Lionheart, it is easy to step back in time in this region. A virtual palimpsest of historical layers presents itself here, with layers of invasion, events and relics left behind. This makes self-catering in Normandy popular for history enthusiasts over other locations for holiday homes in France. Wonderful educational and entertaining resources are available at many monuments, making the re-telling of history fun for all of the family.

The early history of Normandy

From your holiday rentals Normandy, you will perhaps discover the first traces of history with the standing stones that lined the Roman roads. Inhabited by Celts and Belgians, Ligurians and Iberians, east and west, the history of Normandy shows evidence of a variety of contrasts. Following this era was the creation of the monasteries at the time of the Merovingian king, Dagobert. Some remarkable monuments, relics and antiquities have survived from this age, which are well worth a visit if renting villas in Normandy. From the year 800, the Norman invasions began and greatly altered the region and the lifestyles of Normandy’s inhabitants.

Castle capers from your Villas in Normandy

In the thirteenth century, the prosperity of Normandy promoted the expansion of cities and Philippe Auguste built the Mont-Saint-Michel. Castles in this area are a huge draw for holiday rentals in France as sightseeing attractions. Among the known figures of this era are Richard the Lionheart, and the Duke of Normandy, who was crowned at Rouen in 1189. During the following period of Hundred Years' War (1337-1450) the fraught history of this region continued people of Normandy also faced the Black Death. In 1431 Joan of Arc was condemned to be burned alive in the Old Market Square.

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Between 1639 and 1689, King Louis XIV created opulent buildings, whilst Jean-Baptiste Colbert began the manufacture of draperies in Elbeuf. Relations with America through the exploration of the New World intensified, bringing with it change. The nineteenth century witnessed the Impressionist art movement that many artists have revisited and that you can also discover whilst renting your French holiday homes. The twentieth century, saw the Germans arrive in 1940 in Rouen and land on the Normandy beaches in June 1944.

Historical attractions in Normandy

Recent world history is told in the area where the D-Day Landings during WWII took place. Here you can visit a memorial maintained by the French to the thousands of soldiers who lost their lives in the famous battle on the beach. Normandy is also famous for Mont St Michel – the abbey perched on an tidal island, and dedicated to Archangel Michael. When you get there you will be amazed to discover an entire little village is perched atop the island, which has survived 500 years of development and attacks by one group or another.

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