Discover the history of France

France has an extremely rich tapestry of history with evidence of prehistoric settlement, followed by the Celtic migration and Roman conquering before the eventual collapse of the Roman Empire and invasion of Germanic tribes. If you are interested in fascinating ruins, ancient sites and all of the incredible architecture and historical hotspots to follow after France beacme a separate country in the 9th century, then renting holiday lettings in France is an excellent way to plan out your holiday. Later, France became a major player in European events, including political revolutions and two world wars. France's incredible history from its beginning to current times provides plenty of things to see and do in France, so find out about if before heading to your holiday lettings!

Trace the footsteps of the Habsburgs with villas in France

Discover the ties between France and Austria from your holiday homes in France. Since the Middle Ages, the House of Habsburg or the ‘House of Austria’ succeeded to expand their domain through marriage. The throne of the Holy Roman Empire was continuously dominated by the Habsburgs between the years of 1438 and 1740, and the house also produced emperors, kings and queens for many countries, including France. Still to this day the rise of the House of Habsburg is a fascinating historical, political and monarchical plot to explore on your self-catering holidays. NOVASOL’s unique cottages and holiday lettings in France allow you to discover this history.

History in Burgandy – villas France

Marriage connections between the Habsburgs and territories of today's France began in the Middle Ages, when the future emperor, Maximilian I., married Mary of Burgundy in 1477. Here he began to propel his kingdom to the heights a greatly influential European power. Book holiday rentals in France with NOVASOL and you can trace the memories of the fascinating marriage between Maximilian and Maria on your family holidays in France. Owning Burgundy was controversial as France did not recognise the succession of Mary. After the early death of Mary the inheritance fell to his son Philip, and only in 1488 was the situation in Burgundy stabilised. Discover French country cottages in Burgundy to find out more!

French country cottages – Let them eat cake!

Centuries later, Maria Theresa sought politically beneficial relationships for the growth of the House. Her youngest daughter, Marie Antoinette, married into the French Court in 1770, becoming Dauphine of France. She went on to become the Queen until 1792. Take a relevant novel along to your family holiday villas in France and watch the colourful and controversial life of the future Queen unfold before your eyes on your French self-catering holiday! You can even visit the grave of Louis XVI. and Marie Antoinette at the Cathedral of Sant-Denis where you can learn more about the history of France with holiday rentals in the north of France.

The departmentalisation of France

The departments were introduced to France in the year 1791 to replace the former provinces. This was in order to create a sense of national unity where each department reflects the bigger entity of the country. Due to this notion, when you go to rent French country cottages you will find that nearly all of the regions are named after geographical features like rivers or mountains, rather than people or events specific to that area. Notice this when you rent your cottages with pools or hot tubs regardless of location! This historical division of France is associated with the French revolution and the leader Abbé Sieyès who is thought to have pioneered the idea. Rent holiday villas in France and find out more!

The French Revolution

The French Revolution is a key moment in French history, and those renting French villas who are interested in the past events of this country will be keen to learn about this succession of events. The Revolution began in 1789 during the Estates General meeting in May and finished with Napoleon Bonaparte's ascent in the late 1790s. The revolt saw French people taking control of the country, uprooting dated institutions that appeared to unfairly govern the way of life in France. One of the best-documented and most pivotal points was the storming of the Bastille in July 1789, which symbollised the monarchy's power. Visit the Place de la Bastille from your holiday homes in France and learn more about this event and the declaration of liberty, equality and fraternity to follow on your family holidays.

Happy families in French holiday homes

Napoleon Bonaparte was divorced to marry Marie Louise of Austria. For this marriage there were great expectations linked to the potential strengthening of the Franco-Austrian relations. Book French holiday homes and visit the former Royal Palace Louvre. Here, in its chapel in 1810 the marriage was conducted. Marie Louise was unhappy as Empress at Napolean’s side and fled to Vienna with her son after Nelson’s abdication. This time in France's history was very significant for the culture of France. You may be able to glean her emotions from François Gérard’s famous painting of the pair. ‘Marie Louise and the King of Rome’ hangs in Versailles Palace, which you can visit from your holiday rentals in France.

Learn about the World Wars from your holiday lettings

France played a large role in both world wars, and if this is of interest, during your self-catering holiday you will notice monuments all over France commemorating those who fought, as well as museums and tours of particularly important areas for the wars, such as the Somme and Normandy battlefields. The Great War left many combatants dead and spread over many frontiers. Visit the Museum of the Great War in the heart of the Somme if you are renting French holiday homes nearby or in Picardy. In 1939 France and Britain declared war against Germany, which raged until 1945. A key moment of this war came with the D-Day landings in Normandy and arrival of the Allied Forces, which you can learn more about if you book yourself a gite in Normandy!

Recent history of France

Modern history of France continues to be of great interest to those renting villas or other holiday lettings across the country France is a leading world power and owes much of its income to being the most visited country in the world. After the Second World War in the 1960s, the French economy boomed and after political changes in the 70s, Francois Mitterrand was elected president. Succeeded by Jacques Chirac and then Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007, France's posiition in the economy recovered despite rises in inflation and unemployment during the 80s. France also suffered during the recession but today is a prosperous country and a wonderful destination for self-catering holidays!

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