Rent a French gite and experience nature

Nature is bountiful in France, with its several national parks, nature reserves, mountains, woodland and stunning seaside scenery. Rent gites in France in the middle of one of these environmental paradises, or book your French holiday homes in a town or city and make the short journey to find your perfect natural space. These open spaces are ideal for cycling holidays, fishing holidays or even adventure sports such as canyoning, rock climbing, kayaking or hiking. There really are endless opportunities for activites if you rent rural gites in France, including admiring the diverse flora and fauna the country has to offer.

Holiday rentals France - Mercantour National Park

The alpine landscape dominated the Mercantour National Park is located in the French Maritime Alps near the French Riviera and is characterised by the contrast of the high mountains in the immediate vicinity of beautiful marine coastlines. The different rock formations and soil types as well as the climatic conditions have resulted in rich flora, including many plants that are found nowhere else in France. Rent your gites in France nearby to spot many animals, such as the Alpine ibex, marmots, Italian wolves and golden eagles. With 600 km of marked trails, there are many routes to take through this magnificent landscape near your direct holiday homes.

Provence villas near Camargue Park

The Regional Natural Park Camargue is a marsh and lakes in the delta of the Rhone River in southern France. For a unique variety of animals, rent holiday rentals France nearby and spot white wild horses and flamingos stalking through the wetlands in search for shrimp. In the Camargue, there are huge salt flats, from which the famous salt Fleur de Sel is obtained - the residual salt has left the most interesting shapes and colours here. This wetland environment and adjacent oceans give this natural space a special character and is of particular interest if you enjoy learning about flora and fauna.

Brittany gites near Nature Park Armorique

The Armorique, located in Brittany, is the second oldest Regional Natural Park in France and has four different landscape areas. The bay of Brest is a special protection area and an important stopover for migratory birds. Go cycling near unique cottages, take coastal walks and make excursions by the sea or on island tours. The Crozon Peninsula is an exceptionally beautiful area with its flowering heathlands and the rocky cliffs. Even Monts d'Aree and the maritime river of Aulne with its salt marshes, lagoons, dunes and many wild birds and small animals make the park an exceptional experience of nature. Book your French holiday homes here and become acquainted with these marvellous surroundings.

Holiday cottages France with a view to agriculture

Traditional family businesses grow and harvest the famous lavender of France. Why not learn more about this branch of agriculture whilst holidaying in your French holiday homes? Lavender oil is incredibly versatile and is the base of many perfumes. Approximately 130-140 kilograms of these blue-violet blossoms are required to produce just one litre of lavender essence. The flowers can be bundled into sachets for scenting drawers or made into soaps and other luxury toiletries. One just has to explore the local markets in France to discover how this plant is grown and manufactured.

Villas in Provence

The Lavender flower is associated mainly with the area of Provence in south-eastern France. Book your holiday lettings in one of NOAVSOL’s beautiful holiday cottages in France and discover rustic hiking trails in the mountains, on the plateau de Valensole and Sault. Spectacular sunsets over the lavender fields play against the vibrant colouring of the flowers. Between June and August there is hovering over the endless fields at the foot of Mont Ventoux and Pays d`Apt a beguiling, wonderful fragrance. We must recommend villas in Provence to make the most of this beautiful phenomenon. You can also visit Coustellet in Provence, where there is an informative lavender museum.

Holiday homes in France - When in Drôme…

The route between Montélimar in Drôme in the Rhône-Alpes and Nyons runs beside picturesque fields, but also a vineyard. Why not maximise your experience along this route and make a stop here for some wine tasting? If your holiday homes in France are in this area, you could also stop in the artists’ village of Le Poët-Laval and find artists’ impressions of the beautiful fields or make your own! Other nearby gites in France include the Renaissance castle of Grignan and the cosmetics manufacturer Durance Grignan.

Adventure holidays in France

With such stunning and varied landscapes throughout France, it is no wonder that this is such a popular destination for sports lovers, outdoor activity enthusiasts and adventurous families renting holiday homes together. Whether you want to enjoy the National Parks on foot or try your hand at white water rafting, scuba diving, horse riding or canyoning, there is something for every active holiday maker. Whilst France is also highly revered for wonderful art, food, history and architecture, you can also admire the architecture and poetry of French nature. You won’t be short of things to do in France – whether you hit the slopes, hit the beach, or simply hit the sack after a day relaxing by the pool at your French villa.

Wildlife near your holiday homes

France is home to some magnificent wildlife and really calls to those interested in flora and fauna. You can access a range of wonderful natural experiences from your French holiday lettings, but nature reserves, forests and alpine pastures are especially good for finding wildlife at its best. Rent a gite in France and spend your time in the fresh air on the look out for alpine ibex and fields of delicate flowers. You may even encounter an extremely rare brown bear or wolf! More likely you will see beautiful badgers, foxes, otters and rabbits in their natural habitats. For those interested in marine wildlife, rent villas in Cannes, Nice or Corsica, where the warm waters beckon with promise of spotting wrasse, mullet, blennies, crabs, starfish, sole, barracuda and many more species.

Service - Why NOVASOL?

France is a wonderful choice for a self-catering holiday, but NOVASOL is an every better decision. Travel with us and experience first-class service with almost 50 years' experience taking customers away with us. Enjoy a variety of style and price with our ever-growing portfolio of French properties and, of course, French holiday homes that can bring you closer to those amazing lakes, oceans, mountains and fields. From villas in Brittany on the fascinating coast, to the Mediterranean beaches of the French Riviera and the exciting Apls - rent a holiday home in France and find yourself right amidst beautiful natural landscapes and scenery. Enjoy the personal touch of local offices around France to help you on your way with anything you may need before, during or after your holiday.