Villas in France and French Culture

French culture has dominated not only the European nations but also many other countries in the world. France is defined by its widely spoken, romantic language, which is of great importance to those who speak it. French literature, cinema and music is regarded as some of the most significant, and serious efforts are being made to preserve this part of French culture across borders. An important point of discussion, language, customs, art and tradition are not something protected strictly in large cosmopolitan cities, but throughout the smaller towns and villages that make France so special and unique. This means that there is not just culture to be found in galleries, museums and opera houses whilst on your self-catering holiday, but with local people and even in your villas in France themselves.

Villas in France

Why is French culture so popular?

Everyone wants to know more about France: the country of love, delicious cuisine and a long history of impressive culture. France is also the heart of Europe and the scene of great historical events. With remarkable art, food, wine, big cities and wonderful landscapes being characteristic of France, this destination is incredibly popular. Fall in love with the atmosphere of Paris, where you can visit famous attractions such as Montmartre, the district of artists, the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Élysées with the Arc de Triomphe and the Seine. Rent your villas in France and live like a king, savoir-vivre, drinking café au lait by the Champs-Élysées.

French cuisine on your self-catering holiday

Another famous aspect of French culture that you will love to get to know is the food. French cuisine is a sacred part of local life and again, much pride and love goes into traditional recipes. From the simple but delicious freshly baked baguette, to Michelin starred confit duck, soufflé, pâté and onion soup – French cuisine has made an international name for itself. Even see the quality of produce at local markets in France near your holiday homes and enjoy meeting those who grow these remarkably fresh fruit and vegetables. If your villa, cottage or apartment is near to the coast, you will discover an amazing array of fresh seafood, whilst the hinterland brings robust stews and meat dishes. We haven’t even started on the cheese and wine!

French country cottages and fashion

In the 19th century, European cities all over emulated Paris. Noblemen, citizens and the social elite all modelled themselves on the lifestyle, culture and fashion of this city. To date, France is considered the land of fashion and style, offering everything from boutique and designer shops to design galleries and world-class catwalks. If you rent holiday lettings in France take yourself on a shopping tour and admire French fashion, the essence of which is not just to do with the trend, but quality and processing. Find yourself bargain hunting on adventure holidays or splashing out on leading luxury designers in the same city!

Holiday homes in France

Fashion all over France

Although Paris is the fashion capital of France, you will be able to enjoy the glamorous shops and stylish boutiques all over France – whether you rent a villa in Corsica or a gite in Brittany. On the other hand, local markets, craftspeople and small, independent shops can also be found in most locations, making and selling fashionable items at a much reduced price. So whether you are on the lookout for reasonable prices on cheaper holidays, or splashing out on a one-of-a-kind designer item, you will surely agree that shopping is one of the best activities in France.

Fun and games in France

If you really want to get to know the country and the people, you should learn the basic vocabulary and have several boule balls in your bag. Boule is and will continue to be the number one national sport in France. Whilst there are many other celebrated forms of sport in the country, it is easy for you to bring along a boule set or to buy one yourself to play at your villas in France! As with other countries in Europe, football, basketball and rugby are also popular, with the country being known for cycling and horse-racing as well. Coincide your French self-catering holidays with the Tour de France or The Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe!

French landscape and culture – City to the seaside

We don’t just offer properties in the cosmopolitan centres of France; we include other beautiful and interesting regions, such as Normandy, Brittany, Provence and the French Riviera. The coasts of France have attracted visitors from all over the world for ages. Enjoy wonderful beaches and the mild climate of the Mediterranean Sea, feel the luxury and the glamour of the Azure Coast. Anyone who wants to experience the power of nature should definitely go to the Atlantic Ocean and rent a villa in Brittany, for example. High waves and almost endless views will set your mind free and help you forget about your worries as soon as you touch down. Note the way landscape and geographical position dictates differences in local culture.

French villas

Differences in culture across France

Of course, France is a very diverse country, and you will notice significant differences in traditions, mannerisms and customs when you visit one place to the next. For example, each one of France’s 22 regions has its own, unique traditional dress. In Paris you may find a much more cosmopolitan, urban and modern environment, whereas with a villa holiday in Corsica, you will notice a focus on landscape, agriculture and, more recently, tourism. Culture is also influenced by neighbouring countries around France. For example, in Alsace-Lorraine, you will notice German influences on culture, whereas in the Pyrenees there are similarities between Spain and France.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites near our French gites

In France, the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites includes 34 cultural heritage sites, 3 natural heritage sites and 1 which is a combination of both. Book one of our charming holiday homes, apartments or gites in France for your summer holidays and discover some of the most wonderful UNESCO acclaimed places. Nature lovers will adore the magnificent Pyrenees and the Gulf of Porto reserve, whilst history enthusiasts have a full array of luxurious palaces, impressive cathedrals, and even some prehistoric ruins to sink their teeth into. See our full list of most recommended historical attractions in France before you go on holiday!

Service - Why NOVASOL?

NOVASOL has a lot of expertise with holiday homes in France and has several properties that will surely impress you and your family. Our villas cater to a range of needs, groups, ages and budgets – ensuring that you have everything you need for a fantastic self-catering experience is there for you. Not only do we have a diverse range of French holiday homes, but our local offices and staff are there to reassure you with any questions or issues throughout your stay.