Explore local cuisine with villas in France

French cuisine is a giant of the culinary world with its long history of venerated recipes and ingredients from the classic tarte tatin and duck confit to delicately coloured macaroons and delicious pastries piped with cream. The list is interminable, stretching as far as a much needed elasticated waist-band in one of France’s many tempting markets on your family holidays. So where do French villas come into play? Surely there is as much to be gained by staying in a hotel? NOVASOL would argue otherwise. Truly immerse yourself in French cuisine by living, shopping, cooking and eating like a local and there is so much more tantalisingly tastiness to discover.

French villas and menus to suit any budget

Of course there is some truth in the prestige and elitism of French cooking. However, this pride, selectiveness and traditionalism is evident not just in Michelin-starred restaurants, but in farmer’s markets, local bistros and cafes on the corner. As with NOVASOL's French country cottages, you really don’t have to spend extortionate amounts for access to some very authentic French experiences. Whether you are staying in a luxury apartment in Paris and dining at L’Arpège, or renting simple gites in Normandy and buying your shellfish directly from the fisherman’s boat, there is something to suit everybody’s taste and budget in France – expensive or cheap holidays.

French holiday cottages – Un repas typique

Even the most ordinary ingredients in the normal French arrangement can seem quite extraordinary when they are regional, freshly sourced and well-prepared. Whilst renting your gites in France, you will see that most meals have three courses but that they can extend to up to seven! Enjoy delicious entrées of cold cheese platters, various meats and onion soup with a home-baked crusty baguette with butter. Follow by a hearty meat and bean stew in the mountainous areas of France and a fresh fish dish if you are renting by the coast. You may finish with a crème brûlée, a light soufflé or profiteroles!

Fascinating influences

In 2010, the French cuisine was declared as an intangible cultural asset by UNESCO. This, however, is not to say that some of the best food in France is introduced or influenced by other cultures and their cuisines. Rent gites France and become transported to Tunisia on your summer holidays with a richly spiced tagine or to Algeria with a light saffron couscous. Near the German border you will find pickled cabbage and smoked meats, whilst in the Pyrenees the boundaries between French and Spanish cuisine also blur with hearty stews representing both sides. Equally whilst renting villas in Brittany you can enjoy a taste of home with some deliciously battered and freshly caught fish with thick-cut chips on the side.

French villas with wine tasting

France is one of the most important and well-noted wine regions in the world, making this the ideal destination for wine lovers and wine buffs! Book your villas in France and arrange a tour of a vineyard, a wine tasting or a meal at a restaurant that specialises in regional wine pairings. Or just enjoy a bottle on your terrace whether you are on walking, shopping or fishing holidays! You may experience anything from a rare vintage, to an honest country wine made in charming, rustic surroundings. There is a real sense of pride in French wine, as something that is built in to their culture and cuisine with a big history and tradition. In fact, French country cottages are the ideal place to learn about viticulture!

Locations for your French chateau or villa

In France there is about 960 thousand hectares of vineyards, making wine tours one of the best things to do in France. Whilst self-catering in France be sure to visit one of more than 145 thousand wineries in the country! As a significant, traditional wine-growing region, many international vineyards look to France for standards. The French grape varieties, especially Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon have become world famous and widespread. The proportion of red and rosé wine production is about 73%, whilst the proportion of whites makes up for 27%. Search for holiday lettings in the leading production areas of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne, or the wines of Côtes du Rhône!

Book your family holidays in an AOC region

Undoubtedly the world’s best wines are found in France. It is the number one producer of grapevines and has very well connected vineyards with a cultural heritage. It is a culinary work of art. Even today, French wines are considered the best model for vineyard owners across the globe. French wine production is very well monitored; each bottle is assigned a specific quality category. The highest quality category is that of AOC wines, which you are recommended to sample during your stay at our French holiday lettings. Search for a charming French chateau and discover wines are in Alsace, Burgundy, on the Rhone and Loire. Beaujolais has 23 thousand hectares of vines producing excellent Beaujolais Cru wines!

Villas in Provence, Alpes, Cote d’Azur or Champagne

In order to sample delicious wines such as Côtes de Provence, Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence, Cassis, Coteaux des Baux and Coteaux Varois, simply book your holiday lettings. Champagne was the first wine region that produced sparkling wine in large quantities worldwide. Drink here when self-catering in France and try a real champagne! Due to high demand of champagne, the acreage has been extended to more than 33 thousand hectares. Some well-known drinks here are Krug, Chambertin and Mouton-Rothschild, whilst Limoux wines and the white Bellet wines are also quite famous. Enjoy a bottle of French wine while staying in any of NOVASOL’s French holiday homes!

Service - Why NOVASOL?

Our French villas can bring you close to some of the most authentic, delicious French cuisine in any location of your choice. Choose to venture out to the vinyeards and markets amongst other tourist attractions, or simply relax with a combination of good wine, honest food and excellent company on you very own covered terrace. NOVASOL has a wonderful range of properties - some even with views of the rolling hills and vineyards. However, it is not just the property but the service that makes the self-catering experience, and with local staff and offices at the destination, you will feel secure and assured whether you rent a French chateau or an apartment! Sign up for our email newsletter for weekly travel inspiration here and get our best holiday home offers ahead of the crowd.