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Choose the right holiday home for you from our range of holiday rentals Brittany and immerse yourself in its rich history. The history of Brittany has shaped its cities and landscapes and by choosing to spend your holiday in one of our France holiday rentals in Brittany, means you will certainly encounter the traces of people and events that shaped the Breton culture.

A rich history to discover from your holiday rentals Brittany

Brittany, a land of legends, has had many influences over the course of history and this has molded and shaped the culture which you will discover whilst self-catering Brittany. The rich history of Brittany still vibrates in a thousand ways, for you to discover through its many relics, monuments and culture!

Things to enjoy from your chosen holiday rentals in Brittany

Plan day trips during your self-catering Brittany holiday, perhaps spending time at one of the well-renowned castles, chateaus and fortresses around the region to gain some insight into the rich Breton history and culture of France as whole. Even pay a visit to the Breton islands, Belle-Île for example, which is guarded by an impressive, star-shaped fortress.


If you decide to stay in holiday lettings France in the Morbihan, do not miss the impressive megalithic Carnac. This is a striking testimony of a Neolithic civilisation which may always be shrouded in some sense of mystery. The land here is scattered with dolmen (stone burial chambers) and menhirs (standing tombstones). There really is no shortage of artefacts to explore and discover during your stay in one of our range of holiday rentals Brittany. The Neolithic civilization here lasted a staggering 3,000 years, from the 5th to the 2nd millennium BC, so there is much to be seen.

Celtic Brittany

As the Roman rule collapsed, the Irish came to evangelise the Breton peninsula, leaving perhaps a more lasting impression on the Breton society. You will notice their significance if you rent villas in Brittany. In Quimper, the cathedral honours Saint Corentin whilst Saint Brieuc gives its name to the Prefecture of Côtes d'Armor. As Britain was invaded by Anglos and Saxons, people fled to Brittany from Wales and western England, leaving a religious and architectural mark that is still distinctly visible today. It is fascinating to compare these various influences, which are evident throughout your stay whilst staying in one of our options for holiday rentals Brittany.

The Renaissance

At the end of the fifteenth century, Britain's history became associated permanently with that of France with the marriage of Duchess Anne and King Charles VIII of France. Whatever be your taste in holiday lettings France in Brittany, you will find relics of the Renaissance past here – from food to street names and monuments. Under Louis XIV, Brittany experienced significant use of its ports, including that of Brest. This territory, still turned to maritime activities, is also a wise choice for a self-catering Brittany.