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Gites in France - Aveyron

Aveyron is one of the largest and most diverse departments in France. Simply book your holiday homes in France here and discover the three major river valleys traversing the region: the valley of the Lot, the Aveyron and the Tarn. Explore the most incredible natural areas, including the magnificent mountains and lakes of Lévézou and the great limestone plateaux of Aubrac, Carladez and the Grands Causses. For those who enjoy walking holidays and hiking, place like this are an absolute paradise, with divinely panoramic views, wild and adventurous routes and varied flora and fauna.

Holiday villas in France near Rodez

Dating back to a significant Gallic settlement Rodez is as ancient bishopric and the capital of the department. Be sure to visit Notre-Dame, the imposing, gothic cathedral of Rodez, which served as a fortified church and is an impressive example of the development of architecture in the region. Also visit the Museum of Rodez with its prehistoric statuettes and various other fascinating items which tell the story of the French history. If you are renting French gites for family holidays, children may be particularly engrossed by the story of the wolf-child of Aveyron – a feral child first investigated in Rodez at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Discover Aveyron cuisine – holiday cottages France

When you rent holiday homes in France, consider this gastronomic hotspot in the Midi-Pyrenees for delicious regional specialties, including the French favourite of Roquefort cheese. The tiny municipality of Roquefort-sur-Soulzo has become world-famous for the pungent but delicious blue cheese made from sheep's milk as well as plenty of other delicious offerings from the French cuisine. Local caves provide ideal ripening conditions for Roquefort to this day. Also try the onion soup, various cuts of ham and smoked sausage, rabbit, fresh fish and chestnuts. You may even wish to recreate these dishes at your holiday villas in France.