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Ariege is south of the Midi-Pyrenees region in France. Discover this incredibly beautiful landscape whilst renting flexible and affordable holiday lettings France! Ariege borders Andorra and Catalonia, making it possible to explore a number of regions on cheap family holidays– even those in Spain. The castles in this department come from the time of the Cathars, the ‘pure’ movement of the Christian faith from 12th-14th century and the Counts of Foix. You may also like to go during holidays in French holiday homes along the Cathar Way Chemin des Bonshommes or the Way of St. James as both run through this department.

French gites in a lovely landscape

The north of the department is marked by the slopes and floodplains of the river Ariege, from the south of the Pyrenees. Natural parks and protected areas offer nature lovers renting French holiday homes in the Midi-Pyrenees many sightseeing opportunities on their nature and forest holidays. These include the regional nature park ‘Ariège-Pyrénées’, the national nature reserve for wild animals in Orlu valley and the nature reserve Mont Valier. After a day in the countryside in the Midi-Pyrenees region, you can relax in magnificent local spas. Athletes will enjoy both the landscape and the relaxing body treatments after a long day hiking, canyoning, mountain biking, climbing or mountaineering!

Local history and holiday homes France

The ruins of the Ariege rise above the beautiful nature and offer opportunities for wonderful excursions. Visit the castles Montsegur, Lordat, Miglos, Roquefixade, Usson and Montaillou. The Montségur castle is perched at an altitude of 1216 metres delivering powerful views. Similarly, the imposing Castle of Foix sits atop a large rock, and is a great photo opportunity whilst renting holiday lettings France. The museum in the castle recalls the wife of the highly influential Count Gaston Fébus, who was one of the first Cathar nuns.

Cavemen in Ariege – French gites

Ariege has a very long history, proving itself with ancient caves carved by men and adorned with prehistoric drawings. The most famous is probably the Niaux cave- a widely branching cave system with the cave drawings of bison, horses, ibex and a deer. The cave is located in the valley of Vicdessos and the drawings are at least 13,500 years old. So book your unique cottages and holiday homes France in the Midi-Pyrenees and tap into the fascinating history Ariege!