Spa City

Explore the spa town of Dax - Holiday lettings France

In the Aquitaine region of France, Dax, once founded by the Romans Aqua Tarbellicae, is France's premier spa town for treatment of rheumatic diseases. Spend your holidays at holiday homes in France with a few hours or days in the hot springs of the city! Less than forty kilometres from the Atlantic coast, the city of Dax is easy to reach, and is most definitely worth a visit from your villas in France. Why not relax and unwind with a spa treatment, or simply discover the town itself and enjoy the local ambience before returning to your last minute cottages.

Book villas in France by the Adour

Right through the city flows the River Adour, in which according to legend, a Roman legionary threw his dog with rheumatism in order to drown him. A few days later, the dog apparently appeared again having being relieved from his suffering! The healing properties of the mud here are worth experiencing on your forest holidays. Visit from your French villas and take a tour of the city. At the Place de la Cathédrale, you’ll find the monument of the legionary with his dog, and the traces of the ancient Roman city.

Hot springs

In the 19th century the Hot Fountain or La Fontaine Chaude was built on the site of the Roman baths. Book holiday homes in France in the Old City Fontaine, whose architecture still reflects Roman bathing culture. From the source flows 2000 meters deep, daily there are 2.4 million litres of calcium and sulphurous water with a temperature of 64 ° C pumped into the basin. The spa owes this medicinal water and mud of the Adour its existence. People come from far and wide for these healing properties – so may even wish to visit from your Cote d’Azur villas or villas in Provence!

Nearby exciting activities

If you are seeking something a little more along the lines of action, adrenaline and adventure after your soothing spa excursion, perhaps take part in the week long Feria nearby in Aquitaine. Rent French villas and visit the bullring at the Parc Théodore Denis with a capacity of 8000 spectators! Enjoy the colourful and lively parades with music, singing and dancing. You can even take part in the Basque game of Pelota (which is like baseball) on your cheap holidays.