Activities and attractions near your holiday lettings in France

Aquitaine offers historic castles, medieval villages, cool cities and an enchanting landscape just waiting to be discovered, but family entertainment is also guaranteed. Enjoy a range of exciting theme parks, fascinating museums, archaeological sites and, of course, lovely landscapes just a short journey from your chosen holiday lettings in France. So you know what you absolutely cannot miss, we have put together a small selection of the most famous and interesting sights and attractions of the region. Be sure to have a look through and begin planning your stay at holiday homes in France today!

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French villas and family fun

Young and old enjoy themselves in La Cocinelle amusement and animal park, located at the edge of the Arcachon basin. Rent holiday lettings in France near here to have a go on a giant slide and to see more than 800 animals. The Kid Parc in Gujan Mestras also provides many opportunities for children between 0-12 years. The fun here is clearly in the foreground: from the giant slide and whirligig, a pirate ship, a children's roller coaster and the giant trampoline - there is something for all ages. Visit here on your summer holidays for a day full of fun and games. The park is open from April to November.

Historical sites near our holiday lettings in France

Visit the Cave of Lascaux, located in the valley of Vézère and see some of the oldest art in the history of mankind. The cave paintings were probably made about 15,000 years ago and represent different animals, like wild cattle, horses, aurochs and deer. The outlines of human hands can even be seen! Unfortunately the cave is now closed in order to preserve the works, but you can see an exact replica and photos nearby your holiday villas in France, Aquitaine. You can also visit the Museum of Prehistory in Eyzies-de-Tayac, which shows prehistoric dwellings and excavations from times long past.

Museum of Prehistoric Art at Le Thot

If you rent holiday lettings in France near Montignac, it is worthwhile to visit the Museum of Prehistoric Art at Le Thot, and numerous other prehistoric sites at Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil in the valley of the river Vézère. For children on a holiday in Brittany or even gites in Normandy or villas in Corsica, the animals at the enclosure in the Information Centre of Le Thot should be particularly exciting: there are the descendants of ancient animals whilst the replica of prehistoric houses from around the world is also very impressive.

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Amazing architecture and unique cottages

Visit the Castle Museum of Pau, which dates back to the Middle Ages, but gained later fame. Today there is an exhibition of various works from the time of Henry IV and the Restoration under Louis Philippe. Perhaps rent direct holiday homes near St. Emilion, a medieval town surrounded by UNESCO declared vineyards, which are among the most famous in France. Enjoy the romantic cobbled streets and craft markets with traditional handmade wares. Or rent near Domme, a true gem in the Dordogne. Above the river it looms like a fortress and offers a unique view of the Périgord Noir. For more opportunities to see wonderful architecture, check our Normandy gites and villas in Brittany!

Festivals and celebrations - Holiday lettings in France

France is a wonderful place to celebrate with a multitude of events, festivals, holidays and celebrations of many different kinds. Be sure to find out what events and celebrations are on during your stay in our French villas and make the most of the rich culture of the area. Choose to stay in one of our French holiday lettings on the important French holiday of ‘Bastille Day’ on July 14th, where you can take part in parades, see performances and watch fireworks light up the sky. A large military parade takes place in Paris on the Champs Elysees whilst in smaller towns and areas in Aquitaine, you will also find individual celebrations going on.

Holiday lettings France near fairs and markets

In the Aquitaine region, there are a variety of both large and small events and celebrations taking place throughout the year, some you may even stumble upon by accident during your stay in one of our self-catering holiday lettings in France! The region, with its capital Bordeaux has a wonderful cultural heritage, which is cultivated with great attention and pride. Of course crafts, food and drink are a large part of this and you should be able to attend various local fairs and markets where you can pick up the freshest of produce to take home and cook back at your holiday lettings in France. At the end of June, for example, a great wine festival takes place in the capital. Rent one of our gites in Brittany over this period and wine lovers will be in absolute paradise!

Musical events

Bordeaux offers music lovers concerts and performances of all kinds. These include performances at the opera house, Philharmonic concerts, the International Organ Festival in July and August, and the festival Jazz et vin in September. Our range of self-catering French holiday homes are perfect all year round if you like music! In Biarritz, keep an eye out for some of the various street festivals that take place in the summer, where the region comes alive with music. Along with these larger events, there are constant performances of all genres throughout the year which you can enjoy whilst staying in our holiday lettings in France.

NOVASOL’s favourite events in Aquitaine

Lovers of seafood come from far and wide to witness the Fete de la Mer et de la Huitre, where the fishing villages around the Bassin Arcacho celebrate the sea and the lovely shellfish it provides. During your stay in one of our self-catering villas and other holiday lettings in France in summer, we also recommend the Fêtes de Bayonne at the end of July. These celebrations are lively with singing, dancing, music and fireworks. You may even chance upon a local cattle race and fireworks. Aquitaine is not just eventful in the summer, however, why not rent our villas or dog friendly cottages in October and visit Bordeaux for the International Film Festival?