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Denmark truly has something to offer anyone who is looking for a fulfilling and memorable self-catering holiday in Northern Europe. NOVASOL is proud to offer a great portfolio of over 10,000 holiday homes in Denmark, including beautiful Danish villas and authentic cottages available to rent; this is no surprise as NOVASOL is originally a Danish company. We offer self-catering accommodation in Denmark which will provide the perfect base for all types of holidays, whether travelling with a partner, your children or as a group of friends.

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Self-catering holidays in Denmark

No matter whether you want to explore some of Denmark's famous cities such as Copenhagen, or to take things at a somewhat slower pace spending your days strolling through picturesque villages or simply prefer to relax on one of the many sandy beaches or islands, Denmark has a vast amount of attractions and activities on offer for both children and adults alike to enjoy whilst staying in our self-catering holiday homes in Denmark. Denmark makes a wonderful choice of holiday destination when it comes to family holidays in Scandinavia as it is sure to provide delights for all ages.

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Discover Danish history whilst self-catering

Denmark is a culturally rich nation, with a one of a kind delicious cuisine and a wide offering of things to do during your self-catering holidays in Denmark. As well as all of this, Denmark is also home to long, varied and fascinating history. The history of Denmark as a unified kingdom began in around the 8th century, although there are historical documents which describe the landscape and people of Denmark which date back to around 500AD. Queen Margrethe of Denmark can trace her lineage all the way back the ancient Viking Kings, making the Danish the oldest monarchy in Europe.

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History of Denmark - Danish villas

The history of Denmark has been greatly influenced by it's geographical location and the fact that it is located between the Northern and Baltic Seas means that it has long been at the centre of struggles for power over the region, which has left behind many fascinating artefacts for you to discover during your stay in our hand-picked Danish villas. Throughout the history of Denmark the country has had power struggles with both Germany and Sweden for the share of control over the land areas. There are many different periods of Danish history which you can discover whilst self-catering in Denmark with NOVASOL.

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Historical sites and monuments of Denmark

The history of Denmark is long and diverse, as you will discover if you wish to uncover it whilst self-catering in Denmark in any one of our holiday homes in Denmark. Many different peoples and civilizations have at one point called this land home and have left their mark on the Danish culture. There are numerous historical sites and monuments which would be well-worth a visit during your holiday. You will find Neolithic Settlements to medieval castles and everything in between! One option for an educational and fun-filled family day out duirng your stay in our Denmark villas is the Danish National History Museum.

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Important events in Danish history

  • 100.000 BC: The first humans in Denmark
  • 5000 BC: The shape of the country was founded
  • 2500 BC: Agriculture is introduced
  • 500 BC: Villages are formed
  • 800-1000: The Viking period with raids on England and the European mainland
  • 1157: Denmark becomes a collected kingdom and Viking chiefs are appointed kings.
  • 1539: The Reformation. The establishment of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.
  • 1660-1834: The despotism with complete power to the king and the aristocracy.
  • 1849: The first Danish Constitution
  • 1900-1910: The first political parties are founded.
  • 1920: After World War 1. South Denmark is, after a vote, reunited with Denmark.
  • 1945: May 4. is the day of liberation after World War II
  • 1949: Denmark enters the Atlantic Pact (NATO)
  • 1953: June 5. the second Danish Constitution is approved, which is still effective today
  • 1972: King Frederik IX dies and HM Queen Margrethe II is appointed head of state
  • 1973: Denmark enters the European Union
  • 1992: Denmark wins the European Championship in football.
  • 1993: Denmark signs the Maastricht treaty and changes in the EU
  • 1996: Bjarne Riis wins the Tour de France
  • 1997: The Great Belt Bridge is inaugurated on June 1.
  • 2000: The Øresund Bridge is inaugurated on June 1.


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