Facts about Denmark - Danish Geography

One of the most magnificent things about renting a Danish cottage in the countryside is to be able to explore the varied and visually stunning terrain at your own pace whilst on your self-catering holidays. The terrain includes Jutland and about 500 islands (100 inhabitated) including Funen, Zealand, and Bornholm in the Baltic Sea, where you can also rent from NOVASOL. The main countryside is Jutland, but the capital, Copenhagen is on Zealand. With a coastline of 7,300 km and a variety of islands and fjords, your Danish holiday homes are never more than 50 km from the sea. Greenland and the Faroe Islands are both a part of the same realm, but have autonomy and representation in Danish parliament with a total of 4 members.

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Useful things to know whilst self-catering in Denmark

Whilst Danish is the national language within Denmark, you may encounter various dialects on your family holiday and you will notice that English is widely spoken and understood. Currency is DKK (Danish Krone) and whilst renting your Danish villas, cottages or apartments it should be possible for you to pay via VISA, Eurocard or Mastercard in most places. High street shops and supermarkets tend to open from Monday – Friday 09.00–18.00, Saturday 09.00–16.00 plus some shops are also open on Sundays. Banks usually open Monday – Friday from 10.00–16.00 (CET). Many of our Danish holiday homes are located near towns with many shops and residents, whilst others may be more rural and subject to a smaller window of opening times.

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Danish climate on your holidays

Denmark has temperate coastal climate, shifting weather conditions and primarily west-southwest winds. For summer holidays, weather is often mild, but the beautiful beaches still provide ample things to do in Denmark throughout the season. Winter can bring very cold weather, including snow and ice with the weather often falling between 15 and 30 degrees below zero. This however, creates very picturesque scenery and opportunities for snow sports. We advise to pack plenty of light layers and to be aware of weather reports before you set off on your self-catering holiday.

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How to access your holiday homes in Denmark

Denmark’s traffic rules allow right side traffic only. Cars and motorcycles are advised to use low beam light at all times during the day. It is mandatory to wear seatbelt by everyone who is present in the car. On motorways, it is recommended to use turning signals while changing lanes. All our holiday homes in Denmark are located in the main areas from where you can drive down to your desired destinations. The general speed limit in the town is 50 km/h, on the highway it is 80 km/h and on motorway it is 130 km/h. Trucks, buses and other vehicles with trailers should not exceed the speed limit of 70 km/h outside towns except on motorways where 80 km/h is permitted.

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Self-catering Denmark - Driving in Denmark

All NOVASOL’S self-catering cottages in Denmark have parking facilities near or within the premises of your holiday lettings. At all times make sure that the driver follows the alcohol limit, which is 0.5 o/oo. A warning triangle is compulsory and has to be easily available in your car. Whether driving in the north of Denmark to Danish villas in Northern Jutland, or to the south of the country to Lolland or Falster, the same driving license types apply. There are A1 and A2 respectively for small or large motorbikes. Type B is for cars maximum 3500 kg that can carry eight people plus driver or for a trailer that has a legal weight of 750 kg. Type C is for a truck more than 3500 kg and type D for a bus or a car that is more than 3500 kg or exceeds eight people. Type E is for a trailer that exceeds 750 kg. The B and E license allows cars with heavy trailers even if you have the C and D license.

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Riding motorbikes - Denmark holiday homes

While you stay in any of our Danish villas, you should know that riding bikes on the pavements is strictly prohibited. When bikes ride straight ahead in crossroads, they can either be in the right of the right-turn lane or in the right of the straight on lane. All cars should allow the bikes to pass and wait for their turn. It is mandatory for all vehicles to stop when pedestrians intend to cross the road in a zebra crossing. It is better to be well aware of traffic rules in this country before you book your Denmark holiday homes by NOVASOL. Reach out to us if you need any further information or guidance and we will be happy to help you with anything regarding your holiday lettings and transport.

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Getting to Denmark by Ferry

Perhaps one of the first thoughts, when booking a self-catering holiday to Denmark (Norway or Sweden), is how to get there! Do you want to bring your own car, go by plane or ferry. Below are some of our travel and transport partners. We wish you a pleasant trip to your holiday rental! Having your own car at your destination is a great convenience, so simply relax and enjoy the unique overnight experience of travelling with DFDS Seaways. Drive on, check in and enjoy the onboard facilities including bars with live entertainment, restaurants, shops, play area, a cinema and more. DFDS Seaways has three ferry routes from the UK to Europe:

DFDS Seaways

Sail from Harwich in Essex to the fishing port of Esbjerg, the gateway to Denmark. From there it’s an easy and scenic drive through Denmark, only 3.5 hours to Copenhagen and an hour to northern Germany. Furthermore the Oresund Bridge linking Copenhagen and Malmo in Sweden provides an easy access to southern Sweden. From Copenhagen you can also catch the ferry to Oslo in Norway. See snow capped mountains, blue lakes and miles of fjord coastline.Choose the daily crossing from Newcastle to Amsterdam in Holland and Germany, France and Belgium are within easy reach. DFDS Seaways also operates a route across the channel from Dover to Dunkirk

By plane

Flying from England may be your preferred option for reaching your accommodation in Denmark, and with several airports and routes to choose from, this is favoured by many. Scandinavian Airlines is the fourth largest airline group in Europe and the leading carrier to Scandinavian countries. SAS have flights to Copenhagen every day from Heathrow, London City, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle and Aberdeen with outstanding quality and service. Visit their website and book online to save yourself time and money. To find out more go to www.flysas.com or call 0870 60727727 for expert assistance on flights to Denmark for your next self-catering holiday.

SAS – flights to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki

Service – Why NOVASOL?

NOVASOL is dedicated to providing guests with the best service possible and as a Danish company, our customer service agents know everything you need for a wonderful holiday. Find your holiday cottages in Denmark equipped with everything you need, and our call centres at just the other end of the line. Rent a country cottage or a city apartment – either way enjoy your stay with Europe’s largest self-catering provider and family favourites, NOVASOL. With almost 50 years’ experience and over 10,000 holiday homes in Denmark, you can feel rest-assured of the quality of your stay.

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