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The beautiful and charming island of Cyprus located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea is home to a fascinating and uniquely varied history. This is largely due to its physical location, which has allowed and supported the influence of various and numerous other civilisations on not only the island's history but also the Cypriot cuisine and self-catering holiday homes. During your stay in NOVASOL's self-catering holiday accommodation in Cyprus you will have ample opportunity to learn about and immerse yourself in the history that has helped shape the Cyprus of today.

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Choose to spend your holiday in either the centre of busy little towns and villages, in or on the outskirts of one of the larger cities such as the capital of Nicosia or in the countryside; at NOVASOL we are proud to offer a fantastic portfolio of holiday homes in Cyprus, ranging from apartments to villas in Cyprus by the sea. No matter where on the island you decide you would like to stay, we are confident that you will not be short of things to do and see. You will also have lots of opportunities to discover the Cypriot history; either by visiting monuments or ruins or simply by wandering through the streets or speaking with locals.

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Despite its small size, the island of cyprus has a grand history and a wealth of archaeological sites for you to visit during your stay in our self-catering accommodation in Cyprus - and the best part is that because of its small size, one can easily base oneself in your NOVASOL self-catering holiday homes in one part of the island and still easily head out an reach the other parts and historical sites and monuments of Cyprus. One of our personal highlights when it comes to historical monuments in Cyprus is Kourion; a vast site which houses an ancient theatre, a Byzantine Basilica as well as the House of Eustolios which houses beautiful mosaics.

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There have been people and therefore history being made on Cyprus since prehistoric times and the island has played a role in forming European history and civilisation. Since ancient times the island has been conquered by numerous times, including by the Ancient Egyptians, the Ancient Romans and the Ottomans. For a period it was also ruled jointly by the Arabs and the Byzantines for around 300 years. Each of these periods of history has left its own very distinctive mark on the culture and cuisine of Cyprus and, of course, artefacts; many of which are well-preserved and well worth seeing should you want to take in some history during your Cyprus villa holidays!

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History and culture in Nicosia - villas in Cyprus

The capital of Cyprus is the city of Nicosia; an ancient city whose streets are filled with history. Alongside great restaurants, fun-filled family attractions, busy night-spots and excellent shopping facilities you will find many different cultural attractions, ancient monuments and great shopping opportunities. Many holiday makers enjoy staying in our self-catering holiday homes in Cyprus that are located close to this city and exploring the ancient historic centre which transports visitors back in time. During your stay, or day trip, to the city of Nicosia we would suggest that you not miss out on seeing the amazing St John's Cathedral and the Selimiye Mosque, with its amazing Gothic windows.

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Cyprus was taken over in 1868 by the British Empire and remained a British colony until 1960, when they finally gained their independence. Independence Day is celebrated passionately each year in Cyprus, with a variety of festivals and a military parade taking place. This means that holiday makers in many parts of Cyprus can communicate easily in English when staying in our villas in Cyprus. Visit the historical yet laid back town of Larnaca, or, for and all-round view of Cyprus history; visit the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia during your stay in our holiday homes in Cyprus.

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We got unlimited Wi-Fi at our holiday home (Property ID: CYP028) as requested. Thanks so much for this. There was very good site upkeep and there was also very well organised swimming pool maintenance. Everything met our expectations.

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