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The incredibly beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus, located in the eastern Mediterranean has a population of around 1.1 million and boasts fabulous white sandy beaches, dramatic mountainous regions and beautiful countryside. A stay in one of our hand-picked and carefully inspected holiday villas to rent in Cyprus is a great way to delve beneath the surface of the wonderful island and a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the lovely Cypriot cuisine, the culture and the ancient history. We hope to ease you in to your stay by providing you with some useful information about Cyprus and handy facts!

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Worth-knowing about self-catering in Cyprus

The Cypriots are a warm and hospitable people who are largely very welcoming to visitors to their country and happy to provide advice or guidance when it comes to things to do in Cyprus. Why not get out and meet some of the locals whilst staying in one of our holiday homes in Cyprus, perhaps asking for a recommendation for a good taverna! Discover this fantastic island and its many promising opportunities for places to visit, events to attend and customs to experience; all whilst resting assured in the knowledge that you will have a comfortable and high quality self-catering holiday home to return to at the end of a day filled with activity!

Cyprus facts - Cypriot holiday accommodation

Cyprus, or the Republic of Cyprus, is the third largest and third most densely populated island in the Mediterranean Sea. The island offers all of its visitors an abundance of choice when it comes to how to spend their days whilst on their holidays in Cyprus. Whether you want to unwind on one of the many lovely beaches, or explore the mountainous regions - dotted with picturesque rural villages - self-catering holidays in Cyprus offer it all. The areas of natural beauty are sure to be a highlight of your stay in our Cyprus villas but you can also visit one of the dozen of historical monuments in Cyprus or simply enjoy some great Cypriot food with great company!

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Cypriot culture and lifestyle - Cyprus facts

You will have plenty of opportunity to experience the diverse and charming culture and lifestyle of Cyprus when you select your self-catering holiday accommodation by NOVASOL. Cyprus is fabled as the birthplace of the Greek goddess of love 'Aphrodite', and mythology does still feature in the Cypriot culture. The island of Cyprus and its people can be divided into two distinct groups - there are the Greek-Cypriots, who speak Greek and are largely Christian and then there are the Turkish-Cypriots, who are Muslim and speak Turkish. These varying influence have of course affected the culture and customs of Cyprus which you can see during your stay.

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The capital city of Cyprus is Nicosia, which is the home of many cultural attractions and events, ancient structures and sculptures as well as the best shopping and gastronomy in Cyprus. Interestingly enough, the capital city is divided between the two halves of Cyprus; the Greek and Turkish sides. It is the only capital city in the world to be divided in this way and we would suggest getting a taste of both side whilst self-catering in Cyprus! Despite being a cosmopolitan European city and offering all of the amenities which you would expect from a capital city - it has a very low crime rate, making Cyprus a great destination for memorable family holidays in Southern Europe.

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Things to bear in mind

Religion in Cyprus is more strictly observed and commonly practiced than we may be used to at home; with plenty of people still following the Church and practicing its various Orthodox festivals and religious traditions. Shops will often be closed on Sundays. The weather in Cyprus stays fairly mild all year round, with temperatures soaring in the summer months. It is common for Cypriots to take a long lunch, around 2 hours, so often offices and shops will close between these hours. If your holiday home in Cyprus has a pool it should be warm enough to use it from April onwards.

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We got unlimited Wi-Fi at our holiday home (Property ID: CYP028) as requested. Thanks so much for this. There was very good site upkeep and there was also very well organised swimming pool maintenance. Everything met our expectations.

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