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Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean has a population of around 1.1 million and is one of the most naturally beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea; with white sandy beaches, dramatic mountainous regions and beautiful countryside. The Cypriots are a warm and hospitable people who are part of a rich and interesting culture, characterised in part by the fantastic Cypriot cuisine as well as the island's history. Discover this fantastic island and all there is to see and do by choosing to stay in one of NOVASOL's self-catering holiday homes on Cyprus - all of which are privately owned and hand-picked by us.

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Relax in your chosen Cypriot holiday accommodation

Cyprus offers all of its visitors the choice whether the spend their days just relaxing in the abundant sunshine, cooling off with a swim in its lovely waters or exploring the beautiful surrounding landscape and taking advantage of some of the activities on offer during your stay in one of our options for European self-catering holidays in Cyprus. The scenery is a definite highlight of any stay in Cyprus villas but it is just one of the many things about the island to fall in love with; there is also plenty in the way of cultural offerings, unique history and lots of great food for you to enjoy!

Cypriot culture and lifestyle - Cyprus villas

The charming island of Cyprus is home to a diverse and varied culture for you to uncover during your next European self-catering holidays in one of our Cyprus villas. The Cypriot people can be divided into two distinct groups - there are the Greek-Cypriots, who speak Greek (in a very strong dialect) and are a part of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Cyprus and then there are the Turkish-Cypriots, most of whom are Muslim and speak Turkish. Of course, each of these two groups has had their own special influence on the culture of Cyprus, as well as its cuisine and local traditions.

Cultural offerings – self-catering in Cyprus

In the capital city of Nicosia, you will discover a host of cultural attractions and offerings, ancient sculptures as well as excellent shopping opportunities. Many holiday makers enjoy staying in our Cypriot cuisine that are located close to this city as it provides holiday-makers with the best of both worlds. Visit Nicosia during your self-catering holidays in Cyprus and prepare to explore ancient buildings, traditional shops selling a variety of keep-sakes which are typical of the Cypriot culture. A stay in the capital or even just a day trip is the perfect way to learn about the history of Cyprus and its beguiling culture.

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Self-catering Cyprus - Easter in Cyprus

Religion in Cyprus is more strictly observed and commonly practiced than we may be used to at home; with plenty of people still following the Church and practicing its various Orthodox festivals and religious traditions. Easter is a particularly wonderful time to visit the island and stay in one of our holiday villas in Cyprus as it is the main celebration of the church year and involves many different traditions and colourful practices which are a delight to behold. The Easter period in Cyprus begins with a carnival which last several days, finally concluding on 'Green Monday' which marks the start of the fasting period.

Traditions and celebrations in Cyprus

After a period of fasting and abstinence during Lent, 'Pascha' (Easter Sunday) is celebrated with an enormous feast when all the family comes together and enjoy a traditional Cypriot Easter meal, which is usually lamb. Should you choose self-catering in Cyprus during this period you will be able to enjoy the genErally festive atmosphere on the island during this time. Apart from Easter, you will find a number of cultural activities and special occasions going on throughout the year for you to view or take part in whilst staying in one of our holiday homes in Cyprus.