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Cyprus is an island in the eastern Mediterranean, whose climate is sunny and warm all year round. Cyprus offers many different activities for those who want an active holiday, but also makes the perfect destination for relaxing island holidays in Europe, ideal for those who want to enjoy life and the island's beautiful countryside and coastlines. Staying in NOVASOL's self-catering holiday homes in Cyprus means you can experience the islands charm at your own pace; you will find everything from mountains to idyllic sandy beaches, as well as a warm and hospitable people, rich culture, interesting history and great cuisine!

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Villas in Cyprus - unforgettable holidays

Explore the third largest island in the Mediterranean from a different angle and tailor-make your ideal self-catering holidays in Cyprus, using your chosen NOVASOL villas in Cyprus as the perfect starting point. With so much to do and see while staying in one of our holiday lettings in Cyprus, island you will be spoilt for choice but we think that one of the highlights of your holiday will surely be the delicious Cypriot cuisine. Discover the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea as a local and sample the cuisine when staying in one of our privately owned and hand-picked properties.

Countryside, coast or town centre - Cyprus villas

Choose from our range of lovely holiday homes in Cyprus or holiday apartments in Cyprus, either in the heart of the countryside or the heart of one of the many lovely towns and villages, where you can immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, visit the many restaurants and bars and try the traditional dishes which make up the Cypriot cuisine during your villas in Cyprus. You will also find numerous charming fishing ports within easy reach of our coastal holiday lettings in Cyprus, where you can sample some wonderfully fresh and authentic seafood dishes.

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Self-catering Cyprus - delicious food

When many people think of the cuisine of Cyprus, they tend to think of Mezze. Of course, Cyprus is the home to countless traditional and typical Mezze dishes which include a number of dips which we may be familiar with at home such as Tzatziki, Hummus and Taramasalata. There are dozens of variations of Mezze dishes for your to try during your stay in our villas in Cyprus and these delicious little dishes make for the perfect light lunch or dinner as you can eat as much or as little as you like! During your stay in our villas in Cyprus you will also be able to enjoy plenty of fresh produce.

Self-catering Cyprus - Cypriot cuisine

You will find during your self-catering holidays in Cyprus that the people place great importance of the freshness and quality of the produce they use in cooking and therefore dishes will vary from place to place and throughout the year, depending on what ingredients are at their best. Olive oil is a staple of the diet and features in many of the dishes that you are likely to come across staying in one of our holiday homes in Cyprus. Locals are very proud of their traditionally produced Cypriot olive oil and for good reason, the flavour cannot be compared to what you may find in a supermarket and it is delicious simply drizzled over just about any dish.

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Villas in Cyprus - dishes to try

The Cypiot cuisine comprises of many typically Mediterranean flavours and includes plenty of delicious fresh meats, seafood and locally grown vegetables as well as herbs. Of course, it also shares many dishes with the Greek cuisine so you will come across some very similar dishes, perhaps just with a twist, during your Tahini stay in one of our holiday homes in Cyprus. Try tahini, a paste of crushed sesame seeds, beautiful Cypriot olive oil and garlic. Or tne very typical Cypriot dish of Dolmades, delicate vine leaves stuffed with flavoured rice. You will frequently find both if these on the menu in authentic Cypriot eateries.

Experience Cypriot cuisine - self-catering Cyprus

One of the many benefits of self-catering - which you will have the freedom to enjoy if you decide to stay in one of NOVASOL's Cyprus holiday villas is that you will have the opportunity to live as the locals do. Find you favourite cafe, beachside eatery or authentic restaurant and try some uniquely Cypriot dishes. You will find freshly caught and simply prepared fish and seafood if you are staying in our holiday homes in Cyprus by the coast, as well as meaty offerings such as the traditional shish kebabs an tender lamb chops all over the country. Wherever you choose to stay, the cuisine in Cyprus is delicious and affordable so there is something for everyone and every budget!

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Typical Cypriot dishes to try and love

One of the most well-known Cypriot dishes and exports is the delicate and mildly salty Halloumi cheese. Or, if you are spending your self-catering holidays in Cyprus during the fantastic Easter celebrations, then you may come across Pastitsio - basically an oven-baked macaroni - it is almost like a lasagne but the layers are made from large pasta tubes. For a sweet treat, try Loukoumades; essentially deep-fried dough balls soaked in honey, perfect when enjoyed with a coffee on the terrace of your Cypriot holiday accommodation.