The Lungomare

Discover holiday rentals Croatia on the Lungomare

The Lungomare is a beautiful seaside promenade connecting the fashionable health resort of Opatija with the 7th century port town of Lovran. Tourists and locals alike enjoy the ambience of this public path. Book your villas in Croatia right on the beach by the Lungomare and enjoy pleasant strolls with the most fantastic views. The twelve kilometre long promenade named after the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef I and its construction was proposed by the Scenic Improvement Society. This walkway certainly does that, presenting several picturesque pit stops between its starting point in Preluka, to its finish in Lovran.

Things to do by your villas in Croatia along the Lungomare

In the 18th century, the route going from Rijeka to Volosko and then Opatija was a major steamship and trading line, but now this area in Istria is mainly compiled of sleepy villages. Find rest and relaxation on the coast by swimming, enjoying the scenery or sitting down to a hearty meal in a local restaurant. In the small port of Volosko Mandraè, artistically enthusiastic guests of holiday homes Croatia can participate in a painting competition right on the beach. Right at the beginning of Lungomare in Preluk Bay, Volosko, sailors and surfers will also find plenty to do.

Things to see near your holiday cottages Croatia

In the Lipovica Bay, a monument of the Austrian cartographer Heinrich von Littrow adorns the Lungomare. He is considered the founder of the Yacht Clubs of Opatija. His books on the Opatija Riviera might be pleasant reading in whilst renting holiday homes Croatia on the beach. The bust of Friedrich Julius Schüller can also be found in Opatija. He was the Director of the Austrian Southern Railways Company, which promoted the development of tourism in Opatija.

Holiday rentals Croatia – Visit Villa Angiolina

Villa Angiolina is a building that marks the beginning of tourism of Opatija. Its glamorous, historical architecture represents the neo-Renaissance style and the lovely park surrounding it is lovely for a stroll whilst on holiday. Also recommended is the famous arboretum there, which you will find tucked away on the grounds. Embark on a journey into horticultural heritage with over 150 plant species and enjoy the sea view which extends from the building. Fans of design will enjoy the richly decorated interior with its columns, paintings, curtains and mirrors. Begin here and then follow the delightful Lungomare back to your holiday cottages Croatia.