Explore regional cuisine from your villas in Croatia

Use your stay in Croatia villas in the Kvarner Gulf to discover the delicious and exciting regional cuisine of the Kvarner Bay. As with many locations in Croatia, the Kvarner menu comprises of a mixture of ingredients, based on your location. If you are renting holiday lettings at the coast, expect incredibly fresh seafood dishes, such as grilled sardines, oysters, clams with spaghetti or fried octopus. The hinterland brings robust flavours, hearty meat stews, regionally grown vegetables and sheep’s cheese. These dishes are all worth sampling in restaurants near your Croatia apartments, but you could equally attempt to make your own!

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Learn the history – Self-catering holidays

Knowing the history and geography of the country makes reading local menus far less confusing and far more interesting! This way it won’t be surprising when you find that it is not just Croatian cuisine served here, but Italian spaghetti, Turkish coffee, Greek salad, and even Austrian Sachertorte! Find your perfect combination of dishes and ingredients with influences from neighbouring countries, or historically involved countries whilst you rent Croatia villas. Notice, in particular, a real amalgamation of delicious local ingredients with typically Mediterranean recipes – pizzas topped with freshly caught fish, pasta stuffed with smoked ham and local cheese or grilled meat and salad dressed with domestic olice oil and wild herbs.

Enjoy regional specialties

From the island Pag, everyone knows there is good prosciutto, which, sliced thinly and placed on freshly baked bread makes an excellent snack. Pag sheep’s cheese should not go unmentioned either! Meanwhile, if you go on cheap holidays Croatia in Kvarner Bay by the coast, you must also try the ‘Brodetto’- a hearty fish soup with many variations. If you stay in the hinterland, try roast beef and leg of lamb, whether stewed or grilled. Wherever you rent Croatia apartments, be sure to round off the meal with coconut cubes, walnut cakes or fruit pies!

Croatian villas

Wine at on cheap holidays Croatia

Along with such wonderful regional delicacies, a good meal in Kvarner Bay should also be paired with fine, local wine. If you are a lover of wine, you will be most pleased to discover that right on relatively cheap holidays in Kvarner Bay are some of the oldest and most established wine regions in the whole of Croatia! From these areas, there is produced a sweet dessert wine and a tasty white wine – perfect with fish. Red wines usually come from neighbouring areas, whilst also popular is a small sip Slivovic or Travarica after a meal.

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