Lim Fjord

Explore Lim Fjord whilst staying in a Croatian holiday home

Situated on the West Coast of Istria, between Vrsar and Rovinj, is the beautiful Lim Fjord. The site is considered one of the most beautiful natural treasures of Istria, and is a must-see during your self catering Istria holiday.

The area goes by many names: The Lim Bay, Lim fjord, Lim Channel or Canale di lemme. Lim Fjord is not strictly speaking a fjord, but a long, narrow bay. The area sports fabulous views of the unique landscape and is home to the River Pazinèica, a valley stretching 35km long and the 10-kilometer estuary, the Lim Draga. NOVASOL features a huge selection of villas in Istria, well positioned to witness these fabulous views.

The bay is accessible via car on the E751. Alternatively, the edges of the bay are covered in woodland and are ideal for hiking or walking. It is rich in wildlife, with foxes, deer, wild boar and badgers all found in the area. At its widest point the water is 600m wide and approximately 30 metres deep, whilst the steep cliffs can reach one hundred feet high!


Enjoy fresh fish during a self catering Istria holiday

The brackish water found in the bay creates excellent conditions for rich fauna and flora. We recommend that you look out for the mussel beds in the middle of the bay, which produce extremely tasty oysters and mussels. For those wishing to sample the cuisine, the restaurants in Limska only provide the freshest mussels and delicious fish from the bay. Alternatively, visit one of the local merchants in order to stock up on fresh fish to enjoy in the comfort of your own Croatian holiday home.

Villas in Istria – Things to do

Due to the abundance of fresh food, early settlement has been discovered in the bay. In fact, the nearby Romualdo Cave is home to findings from the Stone Age. We recommend that you take the time to visit the 105 metre long cave during your stay in one of our villas in Croatia, and witness the former home of St. Romualdo of Ravenna, the monk who is said to have lived as a hermit in the caves!

Lim Bay is also home to the ruins of Illyrians; alternatively you may wish to admire the beautiful scenery during a boat ride. With some luck, you may even see the bay dolphins! Whether you visit as friends, family or a couple, we can guarantee that you won’t be short of things to do in Istria!