Discover the history of Croatia during your holiday

There is such a fascinating history in Croatia that can be discovered during your stay in one of our Croatian holiday villas. The Romans, Turks and Habsburgs have substantially influenced Croatia’s history and culture, which is why you can find a significant historical legacy, ranging from antiquity to classic, baroque and renaissance. Croatian history can be traced back to the Stone Age; evidence was discovered in the caves on the islands of Hvar and Palagruza. Most of our holiday homes and apartments in Croatia are in close distance to the Adriatic Sea, where an ancient culture has gradually been revealed through cultural treasures discovered both in caves and on the bottom of the ocean.

Introduction to the Croatian history

It is always interesting to know some facts about the history of any holiday destination and there are so many things to know about Croatia, so why not impress your family or friends with some interesting facts about it while staying in one of our holiday rentals in Croatia? Did you know that as early as the 6th Century BC, the Greeks settled in Croatia, which was a preferred point for trading with the Illyrians during that time? The towns of Pharos and Issa, today known as Stari grad and Vis on the island of Hvar, provide historical evidence. After that, there was the Roman invasion, where Romans not only built palaces and summer residences, but also developed the marine trade. This has been proved by the many ancient shipwrecks and ships’ cargoes that were discovered on the sea bottom between Pula and Cavtat, close to our numerous holiday homes and apartments in Croatia . The following period in Croatia’s history can be characterised by constant struggles against tyranny and defence against a variety of enemies. In the 18th century, Napoleon finally ruled the Croatians, but he was soon replaced.

Uncover Croatian history during your self-catering European holiday

In the course of the next century, Austria and Italy were fighting for the dominance of the eastern coast, culminating in “Viskabitka”, the battle of Vis, in 1866. There are many sights originating from this famous period on the mainland, which can be easily accessed from our Croatian holiday villas. This period was followed by the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy. Harbours and breakwaters were strengthened, and trade and ship building boomed. During the two World Wars, the Adriatic Sea was one of the major battlegrounds and you can still find many historic sites in this area. Has this information awoken your interest about the Croatian history and culture? Why not find out more about it during your holiday in one of Croatian holiday villas in Istria, Kvarner Bay or Dalmatia?

Unique traditions to experience during your holiday in Croatia

Why not spend Easter in one of our Croatian villas? Easter always falls in spring, when the weather is warm and mild and the crowds of tourists have not yet begun to arrive at their Croatian holiday villas The sun begins to grow stronger whilst buds sprout, the first flowers poke their heads out and the fragrant almond trees begin to blossom. What an idyllic scene and what a perfect time to rent one of our holiday homes and apartments in Croatia right in the midst of all this! Enjoy swimming in the soothing waters of the Adriatic Sea, or perhaps taking in some fresh air during a walk in one of the many hilly regions. The air is fresh and clean, perfect for rejuvenating body and spirit and the temperatures are in many places already at 20 ° Celsius. Often coinciding with school breaks, Easter also a great time for a self-catering family holiday in Croatia with the kids. You can read more about Easter and Holy Week, as well as a host of other Croatian traditions and cultural offerings here - we hope they will give you some inspiration on things to do and experience during your next self-catering holdiay in Croatia.

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