Telašćica Nature Park

Visit Telašćica Nature Park from your Croatia holiday villas

At the southern tip of the island of Dugi Otok and northwest of Kornati, the Nature Park Telašćica, which has been protected since 1988, can be found. This is an ideal destination for holiday makers based in Croatia apartments or villas who enjoy sailing, diving or hiking. In addition to the 25.95 square kilometres on the south end of the ‘Long Island’ and the surrounding water, there is an area of ​​70.5 square kilometres, as well as 13 islands and islets between Dugi Otok and the Kornati islands. The administrative centre of the park is in Sali, where larger ships calling at the port.

Villas in Croatia near lovely, lush islands

Particularly noteworthy for a trip are the romantic islands of Katina and Taljurić. This entire region is characterised by striking geological features and lush Mediterranean vegetation. Even the aquatic plants thrive in the nature park – there are 250 different floral species in the water and other organisms such as red coral and carnivorous sponge. This is a paradise for the divers among the guests of Croatia villas in North Dalmatia! Equally rich is the fauna on land and in the water, offering magnificent photo opportunities and constant breath-taking moments. On the islands the fishing Croatia said to have originated. On a cliff of Dugi Otok, the so-called Stene nesting many bird species, for example, gray hawks and Eleonora's falcon.

How to reach Telašćica from your Croatia holiday villas

Catch a ferry from Zadar, Biograd or Vodice to explore these wild and romantic surroundings. Take a cruise on a sailing ship or boat tour around the imposing cliffs round to the numerous marinas in Telašćica. Within the long bay of Telašćica in the southeastern part of the Dugi Otok, a further 25 bays are located with beautiful beaches for you to enjoy during your stay in our chosen holiday accommodation in Croatia. Thus this bay in Croatia is one of the largest natural harbours in the Adriatic. There are numerous anchorages and especially for private boats, so there is the possibility of hiring a boat for the day from your villas in Croatia.

Alternative excursions from your Croatia villas

From the bay, it is 5 minutes’ walk along a path to the salt lake, Mir. The salt lake has a depth of ten metres and in summer it is very warm, providing a relaxing atmosphere for swimming. Due to its high salt content, swimmers also feel very light and buoyant. This may also contribute to local rumours which say the lake has special healing powers. Also worthwhile is a trip to the Kornati National Park whilst renting your Croatia apartments, holiday homes or villas with pools. This amazing natural area is known for its stunning islands with their barren, moonlike landscape and beautiful water.