Low season holiday rentals

Low season villas in Croatia

Dalmatian holiday homes are only a good choice in the summer, but they also provide year-round ideal conditions for an eventful and relaxing holiday. In Croatia, the efforts are paying off with an attractive marketing of the off-season and year on year the number of visitors arriving during these months increases. There are many positive advantages of booking outside of the summer season, including saving a lot of money on your flights and Croatia holiday homes. This is in addition to the pleasant weather and lack of overcrowding or queuing at your favourite Croatian attractions

Croatian nature all year round

Book a self-catering Dalmatia holiday home in the spring or autumn months and see for yourself. Sunny Dalmatia attracts from Zadar to Dubrovnik with the most beautiful landscapes and atmospheric ambience in Croatia. For those who enjoy nature and outdoor sports but struggle with the summer temperatures should try self-catering in Croatia in the offseason, where they can hike through the national parks without feeling uncomfortable. Croatia has such a range of stunning natural resources that change with the seasons but always remain beautiful. So bring along a camera and discover hidden creeks, mountains and romantic islands.

Stress-free self-catering Dalmatia

The country is continuously working on its tourism infrastructure: there are more biking and hiking trails, newly opened museums and nature parks. In Dalmatia, the road network will be further expanded so that even the journey to your Croatia holiday homes already is a relaxing experience. Culture vultures heading to Croatia for ancient history and monuments or modern art and cuisine will be able to see everything they like without having to queue in low season. There is no jostling for position, no traffic jams and no stress.

Self-catering in Croatia – an experience for the whole year

The Croatian National Tourist Office has advertised with the slogan ‘Croatia - an experience for the whole year’, and this is correct. The extraordinary natural beauty and rich cultural heritage of Croatia is enchanting all year round. The latest figures from the Ministry of Tourism and the World Economic Forum ‘Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2015’ confirm the popularity of Croatia: among the 141 most competitive tourism countries worldwide, Croatia is now 33rd, improved its position by two places and is ahead of Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia. So rent your villas in Croatia during low season and avoid crowds and save money.