International Folklore Festival

Self-catering in Croatia and the International Folklore Festival

The International Folklore Festival (or IFF) is a marvelous celebration of local folk music and art, which has been held in Croatia since the sixties. The program includes various performances by individuals and groups representing Croatian heritage, and you are welcome to join in the festivities by self-catering Dalmatia this summer and attending. Prepare to be amazed by the diversity of different areas within Croatia – their distinctive dances, traditional costumes and their music. Visit the local craft markets, exhibitions and the ethnographic museum.

Make a song and dance about our Croatia self-catering holidays

Try to stop yourself from smiling when you soak up the jubilant atmosphere of the festival. The dances of Dalmatia are very exciting with fiery performances, dances with swords, dances with decorative masks, and spinning circular routines. The Spanish-influenced ‘Lindo’ is the most famous dance of Dubrovnik and the surrounding area. With this dance, a musician plays on the three-stringed lute ‘lijerica’, sets the pace and volume, making crude jokes as the couples dance along. Simply search the NOVASOL site and you could be self-catering in Croatia amidst all the celebrations!

Sensational sounds of self-catering Dalmatia

The International Folklore Festival would not be complete without their full range of talented singers and choirs displaying a range of techniques and traditional songs in their mother tongue. Close harmonies are romantic and spellbinding, whilst skilled dancers and musicians complement the sound. What better way could there be to immerse yourself in the Croatian culture. Lovers of classical music will appreciate the performances open to the public, and it is especially recommended to go to the church music concerts sung by choirs from the River Neretva. People of all ages are enchanted by this spectacle, so be sure to search for your family villas in Croatia today.

Everyone is welcome on Croatia self-catering holidays

Of course, this being an international festival, there are performances from many different countries – from Greece and Macedonia to Bulgaria, Portugal and Austria. This is a real celebration of multiculturalism as well as all the wonderful things about Croatian folklore. As well as appreciating many customs from many cultures, the Croatian diaspora are also given the stage. So you are sure to feel welcome in this all-embracing environment, where many people from different walks of life come together to enjoy themselves. This event is even suitable for children, so don’t hesitate to go on holiday in our family villas in Croatia.