History of Dalmatia – exciting to discover during your holiday in our Croatia holiday homes

The term Dalmatia was mentioned the very first time as early as during the 1st century BC and has been derived from the descendants of the ancient Illyrians called Delmats, who were known for being brave, proud men and had colonised the area east of the Adriatic Sea. Today, not only Mainland Dalmatia, but also the islands off the coast are part of Dalmatia and NOVASOL is proud to have so many holiday rentals in Croatia, Dalmatia.

The history of Dalmatia itself dates back to 180 BC, when Dalmatia was colonialized by the Romans and the Greeks. In those days the cities of Zadar and Split were still called Jadera and Salona, whereas Salona was the capital of Roman Dalmatia at that time. Our NOVASOL holiday makers are always impressed to detect some traces from those days while spending their vacation in our holiday homes in Dalmatia.

Why not have a look at our overview of the Dalmatian history below and feel free to do some more research before spending your holiday in our lovely Croatia holiday apartments, villas and farmhouses in Dalmatia?

Facts about the Dalmatian history:

Find out more about the history in Dalmatia during your stay in our villas in Croatia - also see self-catering in Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar.

  • 1st century BC: the region of Dalmatia appeared
  • 396 AD: Roman empire was split in Upper Dalmatia and Lower Dalmatia
  • 6th to 7th century AD: Dalmatia was ruled by the Byzantine laws and the Balkan was occupied by the Slavs
  • 8th to 9th century AD: inroads by the Franks to Dalmatia, peace treaty of 812 excluding several cities in Dalmatia
  • 11th century AD: king Kresimir was the new so-called king of Dalmatia and Croatia and started ruling the country, the king of Hungary LadislavArpadovic accepted the crown after king Kresimir was defeated
  • 14th century AD: the Angevinsstarted reigning the country
  • 15th century AD: Dalmatia was sold to Venice, which also acquired some other parts of today’s Dalmatia
  • 18th century AD: the Venetian rule was ended by Napoleon
  • 19th century AD: the French occupied the region as a result of another peace treaty
  • 20th century AD: Italy attained Northern Dalmatia as a result of the Treaty of London in 1915, after WW1 their area was reduced drastically and the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was formed, after WW2 many areas were again annexed by Italy, in the late 20th century Dalmatia was under the control of the Croatian government