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Folk music and Villas Croatia

As well as being a haven for adventure holidays, Dalmatia is also home to a very special culture, known as ‘klapa’. Stay in one of NOVASOL’s Croatian villas, soak up the atmosphere and get to know this enchanting way of life. Klapa means ‘group’ and describes a specific type of Croatian folk music, which is sung as a Capella without the accompaniment of any musical instrument. Croatia villa holidays offer the perfect opportunity to learn more about this unique type of music. Today the groups sing about love, good wine, their lives and their home; these perfect harmonies and beautiful melodies are both enchanting and infectious and can be easily enjoyed whilst staying in one of our unique cottages.

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Croatia villa holidays with klapa events

Klapa songs are sung on many occasions: in special events; to delighted tourists; as well as in competitions across the region. Traditional melodies are complimented by many new pieces, which are composed throughout the year. The 25th June 2016 Pakoštane will host the festival ‘Klapa Školjk’. Stay in one of our Croatian villas and visit the festival to see the Klapa competition, which takes place on a unique shell-shaped stage. Not to be missed is the repertoire of Dalmatian songs, which provides a unique insight into the beautiful region of Dalmatia, which is also home to a fantastic selection of accommodation in Dubrovnik.

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Annual klapa meeting

Alternatively, a stay in our Split accommodation presents the perfect opportunity to visit Sveti Filip I Jacov in Zadar to witness the annual Klapa meeting. Situated on the main square, the event is well-regarded and attended by finalists of the Festival of Omis. It is the perfect day-trip for those wishing to stay in one of NOVASOL’s fantastic range of Split apartments. You may also want to look out for one of their klapa albums, so you can listen in the comfort of your own holiday home – perhaps whilst relaxing in one of cottages with hot tubs?

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Klapa and National Identity

As you will find when visiting the region, klapa is very popular in Croatia and an expression of national identity. Harmony singing is regarded as an intangible part of the country’s cultural heritage, and its preservation was declared an important task. Whether you stay in Zadar, Split or opt for accommodation in Dubrovnik, you are sure to discover this beautiful culture. Singing Klapa is not an easy task and requires special training. Originally, klapa groups were all-male groups, comprising of up to 12 singers. Today, however, there are also women’s groups and mixed groups. A traditional group consists of a first and second tenor, a baritone and a bass.