Rent Croatian villas over Dubrovnik’s summer festival

The uniquely beautiful and fascinating city of Dubrovnik has attracted travellers for years from far flung shores to Croatian towns such as our apartments Split. However, it has only been since 1979 that the city was protected as a World Heritage Site. Brimming with natural beauty, and bursting with things to do, whether you are in search of one of our cheap holidays, keen to discover new cuisine or alternatively hoping to learn about the city’s past, you be will spoilt for choice. One way to ensure you can combine all three is by visiting the city during the Summer Festival, when food, music and culture combine.


Croatia holiday resorts : Discover Dubrovnik through the eyes of Toso Dabac

In the twentieth century one of Croatia’s most renowned photographers, Toso Dabac, captured the city at its finest and successfully contributed to the preservation of the city’s beauty. The combination of the exceptional and breath taking views from the city, alongside Dabac’s love for his homeland, resulted in some truly beautiful shots. He captured the old ruins, green-shuttered stone houses, the most beautiful baroque staircase at the Jesuit monastery, the beautiful bell tower and so much more. Be sure to look out for the landmarks, once shot by Dabac, during a stay in our accommodation in Dubrovnik: you will soon discover that the timeless city has preserved its landmarks beautifully. Following a series of international exhibitions, mainly in the USA, Dabac opened his studio in Zagreb which helped promote Croatia as an innovative, cultural hub within Europe. Today the Muesum of Contemporary Art preserves more than 200,000 negatives and 2,000 masterprints of the late 1970s photographers. You may wish to visit the country’s capital following a stay in one of NOVASOL’s Dubrovnik villas.

Accommodation in Dubrovnik and the Summer Festival

Whilst working as a foreign correspondent for news agencies in Berlin, Paris and London during the 1950s, Toso Dabac showed the world pictures of the Summer Festival in Dubrovnik. Being the oldest cultural festival in Croatia, the festival still takes place every summer which promises the opportunity to recreate Dabac’s snaps whilst staying in one of our villas in Croatia. The festival kicks off in July and includes a rich and varied programme which incorporates theatre, ballet, classical music and opera. The city becomes deeply immersed in the activities, with performances taking place on the streets, in the town’s squares, in the grand palaces and in front of the Church of St Blaise. Get lost amidst the old city’s walls and discover the enchanting events during one of our cheap holidays abroad.

A detailed programme of the festivals itinerary can be found online.

Things to do: Croatia holiday resorts

In addition to the fantastic Summer Festival, Dubrovnik has plenty to do, no matter what the time of year. Not only does the region offer over 250 days of sunshine a year, as well as a range of holiday homes, from apartments to cottages with hot tubs, it is also bursting with activities. Take the cable car to the top of Mount Srd and marvel at the spectacular views of the city’s old town and stunning shoreline. Alternatively, take a tour along the city’s well preserved old walls. Or why not simply linger over a delicious meal and sample some fine Croatian wine paired with tantalising fresh seafood, straight from the Adriatic. You will be spoilt for choice during a stay in one of NOVASOL’s villas in Croatia!