Elaphite Islands

Croatian villas by the Elaphite Islands

The Elaphite Islands are a collection of thirteen islands situated northeast off the coast of Dubrovnik. The islands are just a short ferry ride away from Dubrovnik’s Gruz harbour and are only separated from the mainland by the Koloèeper Channel. You will discover that they are surrounded by clean and clear waters, which ensure they are a paradise for family holidays. In fact, the three largest islands, Koloèep, Lopud and Šipan, are inhabited and feature small romantic towns which are typical of this quiet, dreamy world just waiting to be discovered by you during a stay in our villas Croatia.

Cheap holidays Croatia: Koloèep

Koloèep is just 2.5 square kilometres large, which makes it the smallest inhabited island of the Elaphites. The two largest settlements, with only 150 inhabitants, are Gornje Celo and Donje Celo, which lie in the two largest coves of the island. The road connecting the two towns is just a 3km walk, which ensures that it is a fantastic location for a family holiday. The island is home to beautiful gravel and sand beaches, as well as the ‘Blue Cave’ which guests in our Croatia apartments love to swim inside! The island can be reached by the ten regular ferries which depart Dubrovnik’s Gruž harbour daily.


The natural paradise of Lopud is just 4.6 square kilometres large. The island was discovered centuries ago by a collection of very wealthy people who constructed two monasteries, 30 churches and a selection of beautiful noble palaces. Although such buildings were unfortunately destroyed in the 1667 Earthquake, the island is still a fantastic recreational area for the residents in Dubrovnik and guests in our villas Croatia alike! Visitors are drawn to the island for its beautiful beaches, 1.2km of which are filled with golden sand. Fans of our dog-friendly holidays often enjoy the 20 minute walk from Lopud port to find the stunning beach, Šunj, which is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. You will soon discover its picturesque white sand, gentle water which laps against the shores and stunning views. The island is also extremely popular for families staying in our Croatia apartments as it is entirely car-free, with only bicycles, scooters and electric buggies being allowed! It is a paradise for children!

Dog friendly cottages and Sipan

The island of Sipan is just 9km long, 2.6 km wide and has an area of 17 square kilometres. It comprises a road, six small settlements, with fewer than 500 residents, and plenty of beautiful forests, fertile valleys and cypress and palm groves. It is, therefore, simply a paradise for those holidaying with pets, or simply searching for some rest and relaxation during a cheap holidays Croatia. In the valleys you will discover olives, pomegranates, figs, almonds and carob plants to delight the senses. You will also discover that the island is steeped in history as its earliest settlement dates back to the Middle Ages. Out of the 30 small churches constructed many years ago, 15 are still in very good condition. The oldest church is found in the village Silovo Solo, and dates back to the 11th Century. Alternatively, you may wish to partake in one of the sailing trips, which depart from the island.

All of the islands are just a short journey from Dubrovnik, which ensures they are the perfect destination for a daytrip. Alternatively, why not combine a stay on an island with a holiday in our Split accommodation – perhaps in one of our Split apartments? Whatever you choose, be sure to visit for the fabulous scenery and rare opportunity for rest and relaxation!