Dalmatian breakfast in our Croatia holiday homes

Since Croatia has joined the European Union in 2013, Croatian specialties are available all over Europe. Why not try out some Croatian food before spending your holiday in our holiday homes in Croatia? And as soon as you are on-site, make sure you taste some of the fresh and delicious regional products.

During your stay in our Dalmatian holiday rentals in Croatia, NOVASOL recommends to buy your breakfast at the closest bakery or confectionery. The outstanding pastries are always prepared freshly and consist of great ingredients, like cream, eggs and fruit. It is quite common to eat ham, salami and cheese from one of the many regional farmers in the morning. As side dishes, fresh tomatoes, peppers and cooked eggs from organic farmers are frequently served. And believe it or not, but the home-made honey and jam taste so good and different from what we British are used to eat.



Villas in Croatia / Dalmatia

Before travelling to your villa in Dalmatia, why not look up online if there are any markets close to your Croatia holiday villas? They often have large offers of regional delicacies including tasty spreads, fancy jams like hibiscus jam and regional coffee powders. In Dalmatia, a coffee is an integral part of every breakfast. The Croatian brand Franck is the most popular brand, so make sure to try this coffee that is so unique in Dalmatia. Some Croatians even prefer this coffee over a proper breakfast and only eat something a bit later on. This is why coffee houses are so popular in Croatia and you can be sure that they are never empty!

So do you enjoy having early breakfast or do you prefer to adapt to the Croatian habits and enjoy a coffee, maybe on the terrace of your Croatia holiday apartments in Dalmatia? And don’t hurry up at all! In Dalmatia, it is quite common to make a siesta during lunch time and quite commonly it is spent in coffee houses to meet up with friends, colleagues or the whole family. Simple, yet delicate and freshly prepared dishes accompanied by coffee, this is what best describes the Croatian cuisine and their way of living. And combining this with a great sea view from our NOVASOL holiday homes Croatia close to old ruins and charming Adriatic cities makes up a perfect holiday!