Culture in Croatia

Croatia is a land which is steeped in history, rich in captivating traditions which demonstrate its diverse cultural heritage. Choose to spend your next European self-catering holiday in this lovely country and uncover its hidden gems.There are visible influences from Italy as well as the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires - these have all left cultural legacies in Croatia. Explore the multi-faceted cultural landscape of Croatia during your next self-catering holiday in Southern Europe - and by staying in one of our 10,000 holiday homes in Croatia, you can fully immerse yourself in it.

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Experience a charming culture when self-catering Croatia

The Croatian people are immensely proud of their country and heritage. Whilst staying in your holiday home in Croatia, we would recommend asking a friendly local for their opinion on where to go and what sights to visit as on the whole, Croatians are delighted to share their country with visitors. Agriculture is still the second largest industry for Croatia, which means that away from the glitzy tourist resorts in major cities and summer hot spots - many people lead a relatively simple life. Many Croatians still rear and grow their own food and supply produce to restaurants, so you will surely have no trouble findign only the very freshest of ingredients. They are also a very family-oriented people, with weekends being reserved as a time to come together with family and enjoy life. This family centered atmosphere means that Croatia is the ideal destination for a memorable family holiday in Southern Europe.

Cultural Traditions in Croatia

Croatia is a largely Catholic country; so religious occasions are a particular spectacle and are important in the yearly calendar. During Holy Week in Croatia there are many opportunities to see and partake in both joyful and solemn religious processions when you choose to stay in one of our holiday villas in Croatia at Easter time. Among the most important is the procession on the Island of Hvar and the procession on the beautiful Island of Korcula. On Holy Thursday, the pilgrimage begins from midnight until dawn on Good Friday, stopping at several parish churches along the way. Be sure to witness part of this spectacle if renting our Croatian holiday apartments and villas over Easter! Keep an eye out for the wooden rattles that locals use for worship during these parades and listen to the music played whilst relaxing in one our Dubrovnik apartments or in any of the other fantastic destinations across this beautiful country.

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Easter begins on Palm Sunday with the blessing of olive branches in local churches although preparations for Easter begin well before this. Traditional wreaths are woven and hung, special Easter cakes are baked and eggs are painted to adorn each house. Choose from apartments to. Choose from apartments Split apartments or holiday accommodation in Pula and you won’t be able to escape the infectious joy spread by these festivities. When decorating Easter eggs, each region has its own techniques, patterns and colours. Browse the small shops and farmers' markets nearby and discover these treasures whilst self-catering in Croatia.

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Spring is a marvellous time of year to discover Croatian customs as you are invited into the local community at a time of celebration, when not many other tourists are around. This is the perfect time to rent one of our holiday villas in Croatia located in cities and villages, cosmopolitan areas and countryside alike, you will be able to enjoy a sense of freedom and even a sense of privacy. No queues or incidences where the beauty of Croatia is overshadowed by tourists. Enjoy holidays in the Croatian forest landscape, hiking through the stunning mountainous regions; or perhaps you would enjoy swimming in the legendary, sparkling blue Adriatic and relaxing in secluded coves? There is also plenty on offer for those in search of cultural learning experiences; visit some of the fascinating museums or view some of the striking ruins, all of which can be easily reached from your Croatian holiday accommodation. Subscribe to our weekly email updates for our most stunning and cost-effective holiday homes sent straight to your inbox.