Discover the unique cuisine of Croatia during your self-catering holiday

Croatia boasts a wonderfully rich and diverse cuisine, bursting with Mediterranean flavours and full of delicacies that are just waiting to be discovered during your stay in one of our Croatian holiday villas. Croatian cuisine is made of a fascinating mix of Italian and Eastern European influences - this is due to Croatia's mixed and varied history and heritage. Most of our holiday homes in Croatia are close to the spectacularly blue Adriatic Sea, meaning you can enjoy a great variety of the freshest of seafood on your next self-catering holiday in Croatia.

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Eating out during your holiday in Croatia

Should you want to leave your holiday accommodation and spend an evening dining out during your self-catering holiday in Croatia you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to places to try. Croatia offers an abundance of eating establishments across the country which cater to most tastes and every budget. From the most simple and traditional taverns and 'Gostiona' in smaller villages, to world-class restaurants in the capital of Zagreb and other cities such as Dubrovnik and Split which serve cutting-edge culinary delights. On the coast, the Mediterranean influences are particularly strong; here you will find an abundance of wonderful beach-front restaurants, serving the freshest of seafood accompanied by spectacular sea views.

Villas in Croatia - Croatian delicacies

We would highly recommend sampling the lobster if staying in a Croatian villa in Dalmatia; they are renowned as some of the best in the world and are available for a fraction of the price which we pay at home. Goulash is also popular across the country - this can be traced back to a heavy Eastern European presence in the country's history. Wherever your holiday home in Croatia is, you would struggle to find a Croatian town which does not have a pizzeria; even the smaller villages are usually home to one or two which serve authentic wood-fired pizzas. As well as a delightful cuisine, Croatia also produces a great selection of lovely local wines - which may surprise some - there is also a host of fiery spirits to be indulged in with care!

Holidays in Croatia - Food Culture in Croatia

Food is an important part of Croatia's cultural heritage and is generally an important part of everyday life for the locals, it is easy to embrace this whilst staying in your holiday home in Croatia. As with many cultures, the preparing and eating of food is somewhat of a ritual and - particularly for special occasions - is taken very seriously. Food is to be savoured and every last mouthful enjoyed; which is why it is not uncommon for some lunches to take up to 4 hours! The culture of food in Croatia is about more than just plain sustenance, it is a time to come together and appreciate the small pleasures in life - take the opportunity to relish this whilst staying in your Croatian villa.

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Self-catering Croatia - Food Culture

Croatians tend to eat what is called a 'marende' or 'gableci' - this is a light and low-cost meal served between 10.30am and noon; it is what we may call a brunch. Lunch is the main meal of the day for Croats as opposed to dinner where it is common to just have a lighter snack. Why not attempt to cook some traditional dishes in the comfort of your own private kitchen in your Croatian holiday home. Although there are many international supermarkets providing food from around the globe; Croatia has maintained its cultural integrity when it comes to markets, with many locals preferring to head to the traditional open air markets to buy fresh produce. In the markets you will generally find whatever is you are looking for during your self-catering holiday in Croatia; including a great selection of breads and cheeses as well as the fabulous Croatian cured ham. Subscribe to our weekly email newsletter fanclub for more destination inspiration sent straight to your inbox - don't miss out!